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hey guys rusty here at ugly HP today I

have a three Impala the purpose of this

video was I had a viewer request a

how-to on bleeding the coolant system on

the Chevy's Pontiacs and sometimes those

Ultima Beals three-for-three ones three

five three nine three eight they all

they all have a bleeder valve somewhere

the newer ones only have one but this is

one of them right here

somebody ran some head sealer through

but this is one of them and then on your

thermostat housing over here is another

one they're all the same size since the

day they made made them they're 9/32 I

use a thing that brings my coolant level

up higher to kind of push it out you

don't need that and the vehicle doesn't

need to be running but all you do is

just open these guys up and you don't

you don't take that cap all the way off