How To Bleed Chevy and GMC 4WAL ABS Break System

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who's that for wall maybe yes you're

gonna have a couple bleeder screws on

top right here right here but to bleed

those you're gonna have to open up the

internal bleeders and the internal

bleeders are gonna be down here on the

side also these little pistons right

here the high-pressure pistons you're

gonna have to push in each of these here

to get it to bleed correctly and there

is a special tool dude made for that

I'll show you what I built and you can

try to build something close to it it's

really simple and how to how to build it

but I'll go ahead and we'll go ahead and

start with that tool tool I built for it

like I said it's very simple there's not

much to it at all this piece right here