HOW To Bleed A Fish & WHY You Bleed A Fish.

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hey what's up everyone out there thanks

so much for tuning in to another

addictive fishing tutorial today what

we're gonna do is we're gonna talk about

the importance of bleeding your fish so

we got a nice little stalker trout in

the sitting in the net here just a

little guy but that's alright he's gonna

make good he's gonna make a good little

chicken nugget for me but we're gonna

show you how to believe these things

properly what to do how to take care of

them to make sure that your fish that

you catch is gonna taste good for you on

the grill so that's coming up for you



alright everyone before we get going

here get this video up to 3,000 likes

and I'm gonna randomly select someone

from the comments to win an addictive