How to Maintain a Steam Radiator | This Old House

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well you weren't kidding that noise

would drive you crazy keep you awake at


well what I brought is a cutaway of how

an air vent works you see it here and as

the steam comes up into the radiator it

drives the air up through the bottom

what's inside is this it's a brass

bellows and that's filled with alcohol

and water and when steam hits it it will

expand and as it does it will drive this

needle right up against the top to shut

off the air coming out shuts it up tight

it sounds like yours is all gunked up

inside there and it certainly doesn't

look like it owes you anything I think

that probably 30 40 years all right so I

brought a new one okay

what I want is a good tight seal here so

I've got teflon tape now this is the

important part right here you want to be