How To Bleed A Sealed Hydraulic Clutch System (Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Ford)

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so um my cut pedals a little spongy this

whole section here it's not really doing

anything so I think there's air in the

system so it's a sealed unit what

happened was I was testing the pedal and

I didn't have my reservoir mounted yet

so I pushed some air through so to bleed

a system like this is really simple just

take the slave off of the transmission

so we'll do that you need a steering

wheel puller and that sub boat is here

we go

you take your puller just put it on

there and bottom the push rod here up

against the piston inside now you can

climb the cab and push on the pedal if

the pedal is hard there's nothing wrong

with your master in your slave and the

issues in your clutch and most likely

you gotta pull your transmission out if

it's spongy then you got air and it so