How to bleed Riello RDB Oil burner

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siphoning the fuel from my tank into the

White House tank all seem to be working

quite well deceiving start the boiler

revenue to bleed the system and far out

right so this is how to bleed of yellow

boiler off to let it run out of oil

first we'll remove the cover we're

taking out these screws this is then the

the bleed valve here mr. Philip fuel

pump behind here so now we're going to

do is to slacken it off

get the pump to run and run what gravity

feed first and then try and get to some

there's some kerosene through right so

this is the bleed here so will slacken

itself with a 4 mil punky not too far

with all this firing out and hunt

pressure we're now going too far up pump

up by pressing this button here

translate some assistance Rousseau has

them imagine coming up