Curtis: How to Bleed and Restart an Oil Furnace

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hi I'm Dan with Curtis and you are

sitting at home without fuel oil

wondering what to do here what you need

to do in order to get yourself some heat

the first thing that you can do is you

can go over to any convenience store gas

station with your gas can and pick up

about five gallons of diesel fuel diesel

fuel is actually the same product as

heating oil they're interchangeable

doesn't matter if it's clear or if it's

red all you're looking at doing right

now is getting some heat getting through

the night so that your supplier can come

out the following day and bring you an

order so once you go when you get your

five gallons of fuel oil you would go

put it outside into your fill pipe just

pour it in there's two pipes out there

one is smaller one is a little larger

what you want to do is pour it into the