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Good morning plumbers

as you know

We do everyday plumbing. the good, the bad and the ugly. all while training my two sons the plumbing trade and for this next adventure

We're on an Navien job that I did many years ago three to be exact

I actually put the drip T's in wrong for the Navien unit. So how can I teach the apprentices the wrong way?

So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go back. I just put a pump in there for the heater

So now I'm going to on the same job. I'm going to

put the T's in correctly and


the combi boiler and

The heat loop itself. So two separate purchase gotta be done on the combo

But the main thing is I'm gonna put the T's in correctly. We will see you inside

A couple of things I wanted to straighten out now while I was here

I didn't have a relief drop on this

I don't know why

Straighten that out

There we go

There it is

this is for domestic hot side

So we completed that and I want to fix this drip T here

there's no excuse for me not to have the drip T in correctly