SHARK Catch and Cook | How To Properly Harvest A Leopard Shark

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what's up guys welcome back to another

episode of outdoor shelf life I'm taco

and I got Daniel with me

philosophy D and we're out here today

fishing for sharks and rays and we're

also with Jocelyn and our buddy James as

well we're gonna catch a shark a leopard

shark let me tell you just in the

beginning that leopard sharks are not

endangered at all they are in the least

concerned so these leopard sharks are

abundant around here it's been exactly a

year exactly here and sweep targeted

these sharks yeah we only ate one in our

lifetime yep exactly

you know we've it's not like we go for

these sharks all the time yeah and this

has become like a little once a year

kind of thing go for sharks once a year

eat them one time you know everything in

moderation should be good all right so