Bleeding your Steering with Hydroboost Brakes, AGR Performance Steering

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hello my name is Josh perky I'm the

owner of stair Co AG our performance

during today I'm going to walk you

through how to properly bleed your

power-steering pump with the use of

hydraboost brace this is going to be

similar to a conventional power steering

pump bleed

however because your power steering

pressure line runs from the back of the

power steering pump to the brake booster

through the brake booster and then down

to the power steering gearbox

there's going to be one additional step

you're still going to want to choose the

proper power steering fluid and Jack the

vehicle up off the ground and elevate it

with jack stands so there's no load on

the steering or suspension take your

steering wheel and turn it all the way

to the left and all the way to the right