How to Bleed a Floor Jack

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hi my name is miles I'm here with the

performance tool and today we're going

to show you how to properly bleed a

floor jack

this one's from performance tool 3.5 ton

low profile service jack it has two

Pistons and it's pretty easy to do once

you figure it out so first you're gonna

compress the pistons slightly to

disengage the hook like so next we are

going to remove the kick plate with four

screws next you're going to release all

the pressure in the jack by rotating it

counterclockwise few turns next we're

going to pump

then we're going to release the pressure

retighten the filler valve and you're

going to want to tighten the relief

valve back up check to make sure that

the jack raise is evenly with each pump

if it doesn't you're gonna have to