How-To: Bleed a Bottle Jack

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everyone semana here with safe Jack if

your bottle Jack is unable to support a

load won't pump up or seem squishy when

supporting a load this likely indicates

that there's excess air trapped

somewhere within the jack today we're

going to show you how to remedy this by

quickly and easily purging the air from

your hydraulic bottle Jack otherwise

known as Bleeding your bottle jack here

we have an Omega brand bottle Jack which

we'll use for this demonstration before

you begin make sure the RAM plunger is

fully lowered the first step is to set

the release valve to the open position

using your pump handle engage and turn

the release valve counterclockwise

1/2 turn now insert the pump handle into

the handle sleeve and pump 10 full

strokes finally set the release valve to

the closed position by engaging and