Ford Ranger Clutch Bleeding - Simple Fix!

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what is up guys we have a 2003 Ford

Ranger 4-cylinder with a 5-speed manual

in it and it has a very very soft clutch

pedal now the clutch pedal is so soft I

can barely get into gear oh I'm gonna

show you where the master cylinder is

watch this door that's where your master

cylinder is for your clutch now I have a

disconnected and I did pull it out

because it's really the only way you can

believe it now here's the explanation

put your fender liner out very simple

about five bolts now as other videos

will show you this is mounted sorry

this is mounted uphill you can get it in

them of course see you awkward but this

is gonna melt it uphill so what do you

say you have an input line in an output

line and when this master cylinder is

angled up no matter how much you believe

this you're gonna be circulating the air