Chevy s10 clutch bleeding easy method 😁

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what's going on YouTube I'm back with

another quick video this is my 2000

Chevy s-10 2.2 liter so basically this

video I'm just gonna show you a quick

easy method to bleed your clutch system

I've been having problems for the past

two years with my clutch system where

it's sucking in air somewhere and I

could push the clutch pedal to the floor

and I'm getting nothing no disengage man

I'm grinding gears banging gears

wherever you want to call it so last

year I finally decided after bleeding so

many times to change start here and

change my master cylinder I did that and

it's been perfect for about a year and

just this morning coming home from my

girlfriend's house my clutch pedal hit

the floor and I wasn't getting any

really any response out of it I was kind

of power shifting and it was it was kind