How To Remove Air From Your Heating System

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hello and welcome back to another

episode of the DIY guy dotnet today

we're going to be showing you how to get

air out of your heating system so first

I'm going to do is shut the boiler off

whether you shut the switch off on the

unit or at the top of your stairs first

thing we want to do is shut the valves

off so we can isolate this loop from the

boiler we're going to shut this ball

valve off here this one's already shut

because there's nothing hook to it for a

basement loop if they ever do it and

this is for the upstairs so we'll shut

this so it's really a two zone the third

zone is not hooked up alright so we're

going to do it zone by its own so what

we need is a garden hose long enough to

hook onto here and go outside we're

going to go ahead and hook that up now

we'll grab a pair of channellocks