How to bleed oil burner how to restart the burner

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hey YouTube how you guys doing today

Kevin here coming at you with another

video today we're gonna be talking about

an oil burner yep an oil burner alright

not quite what we do on a show but we do

videos like how to tie ties and stuff

like that so I figured this would here

be a big help for you guys I know a lot

of you guys run out of oil in the middle

of the night and well it's expensive to

have the oil guy come to your house and

bleed one of these things out well

coincidentally I am an oil guy and I'm

gonna show you how to do it or ready you

how to do it so what you're gonna need

to do this okay is real simple just a

couple of simple tools nothing dramatic

just a couple simple tools a 3/8 wrench

an old soda bottle and a little piece of

hose sometimes if your furnace is up

this high like off the ground you can