Wood Bending by Boiling - Sussex Chair Part 6

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all right well today I'm bending the

order components for the Sussex chair so

I'm bending the rear legs and the arms

and what I'm doing I'm boiling them in

my bending bath so it's a boiling copper

bath I've made out of an old central

heating hot water cylinder and I've made

some bending formers to actually help

get the compression that I need that

then the components once it got nice and

hot so I'll be boiling them for about an

hour and then well let's hope for the

best it works so I'll show you the setup

and we'll film the bending well this is

my bending bath and it's just really a

copper central heating cylinder that

I've cut around rather a lot to make

into a long trough and I've just soft

soldered it together and as long as to

keep it full with water that soft solder

holds perfectly okay it's got a standard

Fox tight construction as you can see

with the boy on the ends windbreak here

just to keep fat off sit Brno itself is

a heavy-duty Kate wing gas burner and

I've got a gas cylinder for my supply

pauly components to be vent are just

weighted so they're underneath the water

I mean that's polythene bag there is a

heavy bit of metal which is in policy

and keep the tannin after wood

keep that down a bit anyway they're

heating up quite nicely

I'll give them up to an hour and I'll

bend the arm components first as they're

thinner and then I'll go for the legs my

bending form for the arm components is

simply this two blocks of wood curved

and you put the arm in and then press

the two bits of wood together so what

I'm doing I'm actually using a bench

vise there we are

put your bit of wood in and tighten up

the vise this is my bending former for

the legs and it's essentially some

shaped pieces of wood we'll go over the

two legs we should be held in this clamp

and then they're just tightened down so

I've got rerouted channels and then

these blocks which bolt down

the actual bolt downs all they are it's

just heavy-duty bolts on studying and

I've welded a bit of conduit on the end

just to give a t-bar make me a work

there's a simple as that so that's my

bending form for the rear legs okay I'm

going to get the fine spindles now for

the side arms and what goes in the bend

so we'll see how that goes

I've got five spindles here and so that

gives me a spare they're really steaming

off here I'm wearing my glass which is

just as well as they are very hot bend

in slowly and get it straight as I can I

got it in the right position a little

bit further along I think I'd be I don't

like this one it's not got much time

they're cooling obviously all the time

things going in now I think that's going

okay I'm getting a little bit nervous

tiny bit of breakout on one let see the

top there let's get that in tight and

firm all right that's in and AH on

so I'm now it's doing a final heat fare

on the side arms the legs obviously are

still boiling away as well it started to

snow again oh yeah I should be on my

allotment touch I need to really catch

up we're doing a lot of allotment work

but um I'm not because of the weather

sorry for what I'd press on and get some

chairs done yeah the arms I've got three

of them supper despair despair is a bit

of a rough one but better have a spare

than not imposition gain they're cooling

down very quickly so let's just get on

and get them bending okay so far still


I was taking some pressure on this still

okay I'm looking for damage on the

actual arms as I've been but I think

they're going to deal alright alright

I'm not gonna get much further than that

right they are surviving this is a

little bit nerve-racking okay

I don't think I want to go too much more

it does take some pressure I think

possibly ah that's it yep here's a

close-up of the arms so I'm going to

leave those in device now for fair old

while probably a day actually just to

make sure they nicely dry out in there

and I may actually put my stove in the

shed back on get the heat up and hear

the side stretches I'm doing final Bowl

now on the rear legs I've just tucked

them well underneath the water and it's

boiling away quite view asleep which is

great so I'll be ready before long they

have at the moment had getting on for

now I do want to give them a full hour

being a thicker section they have been

lower in the trough so I think they've

been taking what he really can now had a

good 1/2 background 5 minutes I'm gonna

pop them in and let's do this so in the

bending form on the rest of it to work

quickly here grand pond

tighten up losing heat all the time so I

can't afford to dilly-dally here right

pressure on

we need two people for this going okay

so far okay it's going well

famous last words

that's probably good enough actually oh

I don't know overdo it bent legs yeah be

a little bit of spring back is it take

the clamps off which makes me feel I

want to keep going with a bit more

curvature well I hope you enjoyed that

bending I say I think quite enjoyed it

was a little bit tense mating for me

because I don't want it going wrong but

got a good set of ends here and so

Sussex chair bending done which is great

not certain what the next video will be

possibly see construction possibly

goodness some assembly it's coming on

now actually nice position to be getting

to we're here my chickens who seem to

benefit from all of wood chip that I

produce suffering a bit today because

it's it's cold I've been giving them a

bit more corn for New York eat and going

that one there lays blue eggs