Copper Wire Spirals #1

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be long before Christmas so I thought

I'll get a head start on some personal


the jewelry have given has been well

received and I've always been intrigued

by spirals so that's where I'll start my

first idea was to come up with some

clever way of quickly making spirals and

something that doesn't require a

machinist some way we could do this in

our home shop as you can see I've made

many attempts and only a few have worked

out what I've retreated to is probably

something that's been done for 10,000


here I'm using 8 gauge copper wire that

comes in the cable the wires about 1/8

inch in diameter

I understand strands from the cable and

then anneal the copper wire if you want

to know more about annealing click the

link above

the strands have cooled I clean them up

with some steel war now this is a 5/16

inch bolt which I have cut off and

ground out a groove or slot

put that bolt in a washer

and this is a two inch square of 18

gauge do with the hole drilled in the


it could be larger or smaller it acts

like a table to support the spiral

because the slot is less than the

thickness of the copper wire I flattened

the end so they can be inserted into the

groove by hammering the ends they become

hard again so I will kneel each end

using the needle nose to make as tight a

band as possible

insert the flattened end into the slot

to begin wrapping the copper wire the 8

gauge wire even though it's been

annealed is still fairly stiff it tends

to want to wrap over the proceeding loop

using this washer and a short piece of

pipe I can force it down

if you'll notice I'm putting tension on

the wire while at the same time

continuing to wrap the wire this

repeated flattening out of the spiral is

a bit cumbersome but it does work

I have to keep reminding myself that

this is not a production line I'm just

interested in making a few gifts

this is pretty good now I just have to

get it off the bolt without disturbing

the spiral a few hammer taps with this

block of Steel and I think I've got it I

have a new idea that will make this a

bit easier so look for another video in

a few days