Bent Window Screen Frame Repair

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so I'm going to show you how to fix a

bent screen you can kind of see that the

bottom of this one is bent and that

happens when someone trying to remove

tries to remove the screen and pry it

over top of the lever and then it bends

it the proper way to get these off is to

remove the handle so that's more

clearance so see if I can do this

alright gonna pull the bottom out like

that and screen is out I made myself a

little jig I just took a piece of 3/4

inch plywood took my bandsaw and just

made a little notch out of it maybe

three-quarters of an inch deep or

something like that you can see that the

screen is bent there and so you just put

the little jig right there take a

squeeze clamp which this is fun to do

one-handed okay I removed the upper soft

thing so it doesn't slip and just pull

it back straight or maybe even a little

bit beyond straight into the thing

release the clamp and there it is

probably straight enough to eliminate

bug gaps let's see

so slide the screen push it push it up

and there you go no more gap so remember

remember remove your handle actually I

don't even I just leave the little set

screw here loose you know these work

fine with them loose that way it's easy

to take off and you want to take your

screens out to vacuum room or whatever

there you go how to fix the bent screen