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welcome back to plasma Channel last time

on episode 1 I showed you how you can

bend fire that's pretty cool but today

I'm going to show you how you can

control and Bend water so stick around

what is great about water is that it is

what's known as a polar molecule having

a positive and a negative end that means

one thing it can be affected by external

positive and negative charges however

bending water does vary from bending

fire for one reason in particular if you

recall last episode I mentioned how fire

is a type of plasma composed of separate

positive and negative charges but water

has both of its charges on the same

molecule so how are we going to bend

water again because some of its

electrons are free to move between atom

to atom meaning you can repel those

electrons leaving a net positive charge

take this negatively charged comb for

example it repels the electrons up and

down the stream of water leaving a net

positive charge on the water positive is

attracted to negative bending the water

but what does it all mean in Basel well

it means this if you negatively charge

your body just like we did to that comb

then you have the power of that comb

sign me up

so knowing what we know now I'm going to

go ahead and charge myself up to about

200,000 volts or so and I'm going to

have a lot of fun at science mm-hmm yeah

we do science here


hey everybody I really hope you enjoyed

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comment below now episode 3 is coming up

in a few weeks I'm going to finally talk

about what the heck this device is and

how I can be shocked with 400,000 volts

and be perfectly fine volts is all that

matters right completely wrong and I'll

be talking about that in episode 3 if

you'd like to see me Bend fire and learn

how to bend fire yourself click this

link right here for episode 1 I'll see

you next time on episode 3 of plasma