Pre Bending Parts for Easy Laminating

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in a previous video I had shown you how

to laminate parts from thin strips of

wood using a two-part form but these

very thin strips are subject to cracking

especially in tight radius bends but

during a recent project I came across an

easy tip to solve this problem I

discovered that I could pre bend the

parts before gluing making the entire

process much easier it turns out that

soaking the parts is the key the strips

to be laminated are cut and prepped in

the same manner as before but then

immersed in water for a half an hour to

an hour allowing them to become pliable

nothing complicated about this I simply

used water from the tap at room

temperature the thin strips soaked

through quickly and become very pliable

the trick is to have them dry out while

bent without any glue and while they are

still wet the stack of laminations is

clamped into the same form that they'll

get glued up in there's no glue drying

so there's no rush the time can be taken

now to make sure the stack is in the

proper order that all the parts are

lined up all of those things that are

usually difficult to do because you're

racing against the clock once the parts

are clamped tight in your fixture you

can set it aside and allow it to dry

it's best to let it sit at least

overnight you want it to dry out pretty


once the parts are dry and removed from

the clamps

they will largely retain their shape

greatly reducing the stress they'll be

under during the final clamping if

you're not going to glue them up right

away put some tape around the ends to

hold them in position until you're ready

gluing up is no different than before

you're simply applying glue to the

curved pieces rather than straight ones

but the actual clamping will be much

easier with the parts pre bent you're

not forcing them from straight all the

way through to bent all you need to do

is finish closing the clamps around the

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