Bending Tube and Pipe without kinking it... Tubing Bender Homemade

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I have an upcoming project but I need to

bend some tubing I actually need to make

it into a coil so make a separate video

about that before I actually show you

guys the project the first thing I'm

going to do is you notice the black hand

right here

this piece of duct tape of duct tape

ones siding my tubing up on the other

side what I'm going to do is I'm just

going to take the funnel that fits over

the end of it

large as possible that you can get to

fit because what we're going to do was

rashing the course sand down into it and

you don't want to get in clogs out I'm

just going to keep doing this until the

pipes completely full so this is

completely full now so I just put

masking tape on this or and break it off

and now I'm going to compact it a little


finish topping it off quilt enough now

we got a tube full of sand

time to band the vice grip is just

holding it from wrapping around the

sands going to keep it from kinking you

can hear the sand is crunching but it's

holding the form keeping it from just

flattening out in kinking so doing a

quail and now I've done a complete

circle almost so a wider piece is going

to help and I probably don't need the

biceps anymore

now to kink there you go I've got a

little over two wraps made the world's

largest spring now hollow tubing this is

actually electrical conduit if you've

never built anything with electrical

conduit is so cheap and it works really

good it is galvanized so when you weld

it just don't breathe the fumes doesn't

this is for a project it's coming up so

stay tuned and watch that meantime go to

my channel watch some other stuff thanks

for watching guys that's how you been

pipe with sand in it have a good one bye

not a single kink beautiful