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hey guys dr. Dex here today is all about

deck board bending one of my favorite

things to do it's part of the art that

we do here at dr. decks and there's a

lot to learn about it we're just going

to give you the overview it's something

we have to do for work it's one of our

funner things to do it's stressful

but it's fun at the same time if you

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be adored by everybody and beloved for

here evermore and a champion a world

champion okay all right man let's get

into this


a little huh man I think she's ready



three two one all right so we have two

boards that we've bent actually no three

boards that we've bent on our first

radius which is around I can't remember

I think it was about ten feet eight no

is eight foot ten and a half inches I

think so that circumference is done we

jig out our next piece we've identified

the radius we need now we're attaching

the form to it so that we can create the

next board we have our four next two

boards well we have our first board

under heat and then when this one's been

heating for about ten minutes and I'm

going to start cranking this one up over

here so we have a twenty foot a

10-footer to do on this radius then

we're gonna yank the form again and

create our next radius so that we can

continue busting these boards out I

think we got three damn that'll give us

five and then we'll have four more to do

after that and then I have some auxilary

planks if we have time to do today for

an additional client so not only when

you learn how to bend decking can you

increase your profit for yourself but

you can start farming out work and

actually getting your name out there and

then other people will give your name to

other contractors that want boards bent

and that's what happens to me people

come and bring me supplies and then I

bend them for them and then I make you

know up to five hundred dollars per

board bending for other people and then

I'm able to pick up another you know a

couple grand on the side bending deck

boards while I'm actually bending my own

stuff I need for work as well so it kind

of works out pretty good




just enjoying the ride today doing a fun

artistry with the maestro we need to

come up with like a art name for you or

something the doctor Dex

alright we're getting there we've got

two four or five boards done so we're

halfway there

we have one to do on a hundred and six

inch radius and then we have going to do

it a hundred eight inch radius and then

we have a real funky one to do so that

when Todd ought to be Rue and resting

this is a template for our upper deck

board that we need to bend and instead

of bending three different radiuses I'm

kind of try I'm gonna try to bend three

radiuses and one deck board I've only

done it one other time but you have to

make a complex pattern to be able to do

it so that's kind of what I'm doing

right now is is cutting out the shape

and it was soaking wet and pouring down

rain yesterday when we got to this point

and so when I rolled up my cardboard

form and threw it in my shop last night

it dried into a circle and now I took

like a rollup circle cylinder high a

cylinder sure and it kind of fell apart

when I unrolled it so half of it is okay

so we're gonna tape that continuing

taping that together and cut this part

out and then we have a couple boards to

bend and then we'll get back to trying

to figure out where the rest of this

template goes I kind of made a boo-boo

so it is what it is and I had a couple

of gypsies working on a door on this

house I was working on and they're like

hey we use your round board like they

won't replace it make sure it's like him

a big roll they came back with a little

of smaller rolls hey thanks for letting

us borrow it so $30 versus 60 I was like

you guys you guys you guys don't ever

borrow my RAM board my big roll give me

a small roll that's terrible







alright guys thanks for watching I hope

you learned a little something today

about deck board bending my passion and

our art that we do on some of our most

affluent decks if you liked what you saw

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great day