DIY How to Bend Wood The Easy Way No Steam Box Needed

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welcome to DIY easy crafts calm how to

bend wood the easy way without the use

of a steam box now bending wood is very

useful for many arts and crafts type

projects this particular process is good

for small pieces of wood

I used quarter-inch poplar the way you

start is to create a jig that's going to

have Europe the same curvature that you

want to end up with or slightly deeper I

cut mine out of a 4x4 and just basically

cut out the basic shape I use the

bandsaw but you could actually just use

a jig saw to cut out that shape and then

we're going to use clamps to hold the

wood into its form so instead of using a

steam box for small short pieces of wood

we're going to use a glass tray and

we're gonna soak the wood in hot water I

soaked it for about an hour and a half

we're then going to use the Holmes

microwave we're gonna start by covering

that glass tray with saran wrap this is

going to keep steam from escaping and

keep it against that wood so the wood

gets nice and hot and bendable or

pliable one important factor here is

that make sure you leave a little

opening in the saran wrap for some of

the steam to vent then this entire tray

goes right into the microwave don't

forget I started it out with hot water

and for this quarter-inch popular I

cooked the wood for about 10 minutes on

a high setting in my microwave once it's

done that water is very hot make sure

you wear gloves make sure you're very

careful and take the wood out and you

want to get it very quickly into that

wood form

now I find when bending wood it's

usually best to clamp one end of the

wood in place this way it doesn't slide

as you're bending it into the form and

then you can use a long clamp just to

start the bending process these clamps

each put out you know upwards of 200

pounds of pressure the whole time you're

doing this you want to listen very

carefully if you hear any cracking at

all then the wood is not soaked or

steamed long enough and you don't have

to clamp the wood all the way down to

the bottom of the form you can use the

same form for a variety of projects just

clamp it and to the desired curvature

that you want for the particular project

that you're working on

once it's clamped to the right shape you

have to set this aside for a day and let

it dry

you can do this either by putting it out

in the Sun or in the colder money