Making Hardware From Wire

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right so here's what we're going to make

today this is just a hook and and I you

can actually you know use them together

to glass a gate or something like that

now the the steel or the wire that I use

I actually get it free if you go to

polling places after an election they'll

have you know out in the yard will be

just hundreds of political signs and the

wire that holds them up is great for

making hardware out of so you know as

long as it's free in your area to do

that I don't you might get arrested but

you can get all the way that you want

alright let's get started and get some

of these made this is the bender that we

made in a previous video and now let's

see if we can make some hardware with it

I'm just going to clamp it in the vise

here and we've got a different side this

is quarter inch 5/16 3/8 and 1/2 okay so

I think the first thing we'll make is a

screen door latch like this one right

here and we just kind of capture our

wire right up against that of the pin

come around and you want to overshoot

flip it over straighten that up a little


now we're take the bolt cutters I got

some little lower bolt cutters and I'm

going to take those and I'm going to

knit this end off right here

ooh watch your eyes when you do it and

just take a hammer that's got our first

little bend then okay so now we want to

come over and we need to form the up

Bend so we'll just hold that there and

you make this at this part you know as

long or short as you want it to be this

is almost a 90-degree right there I got

a little past 90 actually I'm not going

to fix that a little bit all right now

we'll form the top part of the hook come

around then I like to put a little bit

of a flip-out right down here at the

bottom so it helps you catch the hook so

just do that right there and then I'll

nip this part off right here and there

you have it now you say I'll take this

on a grinder and see how I've smoothed

that over because this is really pretty

sharp so I would grind this and then hit

with a wire wheel and make that smooth


let's got that done now you can also

just make hooks and let's try let's get

these 5/16 pins drop them in there so if

we just want to put a hook on the end or

an eye I guess it'd be called on the end

of this we just do something like this

again you overshoot a little bit come

back whoops I can actually pull that a

little too much there we go straighten

that back out and this one I think I can

just hammer it and then that gives us a

nice loop so you could actually you know

you could nip this off and hammer this

in and use that as a catch for your

screen durdle door loop a lot of times I

just use a staple

you know staple like that like you get

the firm store and you just state that

on this the end to hold it you just nail

it into it to the gatepost and then use

another one on the other end to capture

it and if you can't find these you could

just make them just take this set your

wire down in there you know I would take

the bolt cutters let's see and hold it

at an angle like that and let me just

nip that off so that's kind of sharp and


just bend it and then cut this other

side off at a sharp angle again I didn't

get that one in a very sharp angle you

can also you know grind that to a

sharper point and then you just hammer

that in alright so that's got that one

then we've also got this I done here

the other thing let's try making a s

hook you know for joining it together

some rope or for a little bit of chain

so we'll just set that right there okay

I didn't use enough there we go Lesley

all right and then we'll cut this off

right here and you've got an S up

Cosette gets pair of pliers and close

that up a little bit there goes your ass

up right there so then you could use

that to attach a little piece of rope or

or piece of chain alright I hope that

gives you some ideas on how to use this

if you didn't save the video on how to

make this bender go back and watch that

one and thank you for watching