How to Curve & Bend Your Hat Brim Tutorial!!

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he's going all guys do for Norman Bates

reporting live from new cap city just

you know chilling cool and do what I do


okay so I just want to show you actually

want to give a quick boot anyway as you

can see we have a regular plain Yankees

hat I'm just gonna show you how to curve

your broom pause so as you can see it's

an irregular

5950 fitted hat play Jane usually those

customers that come in here they're like


got a half the name got a big dome long

sometimes you know have your size let's

say if you're seven and a half and all

we have is 7 3/8 usually what I do is

ask it do you bet your Bremer do you

keep it flat there's some people that

keep their in fact they're had flat

though they're brims flat and some

people just like to curve the brunt so

when they answer back and they told me

he liked to curve the brim I said Jack I

actually recommend them to go for the

sides under so that way they could curve

the brim and it'll feel just like it's

something I have exact and they could

just put it on and go about that day you

know I'm in so I'm actually gonna show

you right here you basically what you

want to do is you wanna grab that hat

just like this alright just like this

first person all right first person

alright and we're gonna do is you're

gonna grab once you can occur you can

have one hand one side the other in the

other side curl your hair curl your

fingers right onto it and then just

gonna bend the brim but curl it curl it

don't don't bend because once you bend

the middle it's over you gotta come back

over here you got to get a new hat and I

don't want to hear no custard no I'm not

having it

I'm doing because it's not fair for the

next person to get they had they it's

like cracked in the middle that's that's


no you're a bad person if you do that

how about you guys doing that and like

you guys act like it's cool too I call

you out then I'm the bad guy

Benny win that's another that's another

video so here we go ready I'm flexing

here I'm I've ripped my shirt yeah

basically just want to curl it right

want to curl it not so much bad in curly

all right I see national people like

actual baseball players you know I see

the coping the homies what they do is

they get a Snapple bottle and they put

it around the brim and then from there

they come out with this you can do that

if you do it the way I did it now as you

can see it's not fully like curved I

told the customer put on the Hat put on

the Hat you're gonna you're just gonna

do this you see the hands I'm gonna put

the one hat you gonna put right index

finger middle finger with our wedding

finger so you're gonna put your hat

legit like this and you're just gonna

put your thumbs right on top of the brim

gonna Bend just right in the middle you

you don't want to like go ahead and just

OD cuz like you don't wanna overdo it

just because there's cardboard you know

what I mean so don't want to overdo it

and that's how you bend the brim without

looking foolish got the flag I said

before once you put on that hat then you

can start curling curling your brim do

it the way you like if you wanna like

really really like curved girly curves

you know I'm talking about leg you don't

talk about that Oh music mannequins out

you know I'm talking about man

you know you say more cut open on this I

know you are tomorrow anyway guys you

see when or basis when your show he had

Kirk bro

hey that's all that I blew week on