Corel Draw Tips & Tricks Fit Text to path

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hi it's me again with CorelDraw tips and

tricks in tonight's video is about

fitting text to path and I've done

several videos on this but I'm gonna

throw in a couple of new little tools or

so if I was gonna fit this path to the

circle I always go ctrl D to make a

duplicate of my text just in case I mess

something up I'm not I don't have to

retype it and then I'm going to go to

text up here at the top fit text a path

and then I'm just gonna put on my circle

until I get that red line which means

I'm top dead center now the only thing

wrong with this if you've done a lot of

other you know drawing some other items

and you know your way deep into this and

you go oh I didn't capitalize the P of

path well there's really nothing you can

do unless you just go back up and in

some cases you might can't back up that

far enough so go to arrange great break

group apart take that text go up to text

because I'll let me show you right now

while it's on this curve there's no edit

bottom book but I con you can't edit

this text if you try to edit it see it

won't even let you if you try to edit it

let's just edit it let's let's

capitalize the Pete it doesn't work it

doesn't know where to throw that P into

so when you've got it broken apart go up

to text and straighten text now when you

click on it your edit button comes up P

capital P put it back and then just go

right back to path now there's another

way to do this go over to just for your

text tool and just bring it alongside

your circle and you didn't see your text

tool changes to occur a and then you

just start typing

in this sometimes kind of helps you kind

of see if you're big enough then just

take grab this red node until you get

top dead center you'll get a line right

there then you know your top dead center

anyway so that's a couple of different

ways to do things anyway I hope that

helped a little bit thank you for