How to Bend text in After Effects

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hey guys welcome to this After Effects

tutorial now in this tutorial I'm going

to show you how to bend text and also

how to animate

sorbent text like this one this is quite

a popular thing at the moment so you've

got this kind of coming in on a curve

and then stay in F however long you want

I asked one example the next example is

just how to have a sort of static one

like this I'm just on any sort of path I

just did like a little squiggle you can

have any path you want or how to wrap

text around a circle it's the same and

animate it you don't have to animate it

but it's the same principle and I'll be

showing you how to do these inside of

After Effects so let's stop playing that

and let's delete these text layers so

first thing you want to do is I'll show

you how to do the one that comes in

little curve first thing you want to do

is create text so I'm gonna just create

bendy text okay and just give it a

little explanation mark next thing you

want to do with that layer selected this

is just my background color sort of lock


but with this text layer selected get

the excuse me get the pen tool click

here and then and do another click by

here and drag so we've got this sort of

curve just like that okay and then just

get your selection tool up here just to

make sure that we finish making that now

all you need to do is come down into the

drop down go to text and then path

options and then we'll map this text to

part mask one which we've just drawn now

we've got some options here you've got

the verse path so it goes up upside down

or on top and then you've got I'm just

going to drag first margin a little bit

just so it brings in this basically

place it anywhere on there or last

margin would push it back if it was a

circle but we'll come to that later now

force alignment spreads it out equally

now this first margin if I bring us back

down here and this last marginal and I

work the it spreads it out equally

between the first and last margin

basically these two points which you can

click and drag here so if you just

wanted it static you

just click and drag and say I wanted on

this curve but I want it between these

two specific points so you can either

drag them in the display or we can drag

the values by here now I'm going to turn

perpendicular and show you perpendicular

to path off no not prove that not that

one force alignment so then what we're

going to do is we're just gonna animate

this property so we animate to come in

so I'm gonna take it all the way off

down were here come to the beginning set

a keyframe for the first margin come

forward about 40 frames like so and then

I'm gonna click and drag so it sets

another keyframe and animates in like so

I'm gonna get this last keyframe and

select it and then what I'm going to do

is I'm gonna hit f9 on my keyboard so it

goes through an easy easy keyframe let's

minimize this now I will also Chuck a

motion blur on by there if you can't see

that just click toggle switches and make

sure motion blur is on for the

competition so now when we play this

through what we'll get is our let's just

preview our text coming in like so a

long bendy line now you don't have to

animate it if you don't want to so let's

just leave it was there and we can

delete the keyframes if we wanted to so

just hit you when you're on that layer

and you can delete the keyframes but I'm

not gonna bother and then however long

you want it you can shorten this see

when you want it there for 8 seconds

then it'll finish by the time 8 seconds

are done so that's basically it and I'll

show you another couple examples just

make sure you got it so I'm going to

turn this layer off type end here text

bad idea no Ben dear they go been do

taxes even vendhya now what I'll do is

to show you that you can do any path

really so make sure this layer selected

get this pen tool I'm gonna go like so

just very very briefly and then like

this there we go

if I go back down into the text path

options let's go select mask 1 because

we're gonna draw one mask on here and

it's gonna map it to that now if we

bring the first margin in so we can

actually see what's going on they

actually cross over each other so I'm a

fourth alignment and come down last

margin will take to about here I think

and first margin moving that across a

bit if we wanted to or leave it there

and let's go turn perpendicular to path

off so then they're not going to cross

over each other so instead of the end

snap in watch the end now when I turn it

on and serve a snap in to the path it'll

just be upright and so yeah that's how

you get a long path like that's why may

bring the first and last margin in a bit

and then when we just click off you'll

see that we've got it a long path and

that can be any path you want whatsoever

now the last one on your show is the

circle and how we animate that so let's

go and type wrap text around a circle

let's bring this back in and what I'm

going to do is I'm going to get this

circle up here ellipse tool with this

layer selected I'm going to click and


holding shift a circle like so and I'm

gonna move it across now you may be

wondering what's going on well at the

moment because we haven't assigned the

text to go around the path is actually

mask in the text but don't worry

all we need to do is come to text path

options and the same as before mask 1

and this time I'm going to have reverse

path so it goes in the outside and here

we go we've got first in the last margin

like so so what we can do is just

animate it so we'll come in go to the

first margin and come forward maybe

50 frames and actually I wanted to start

there so I swapped these key frames

around so it starts where it's just kind

of back to front and then we'll pull it

around where we can read it like so may

just come in make sure I'm on a keyframe

yeah and pull it around just a tad bit

more like so okay so I'm gonna hit f9 on

this keyframe again so we get a nice

easy ease and then like we did before

what we want to do is make sure that

motion blur is turned on for this layer

and for the composition and so now when

we play back wrap text around the circle

will animate around that circle now this

goes for absolutely any path that you

draw with the pen tool or with the shape

tools but as you can see this is how we

bend text and manipulate it around a

path inside of After Effects so I hope

you enjoyed that I think my my the one I

prefer the most is this one because if

it's just a little caption that comes in

when somebody's talking it's a nice sort

of fun way of doing it so yeah I hope

you enjoyed this tutorial and I'll see

you in the next one

Cheers bye