How To Flatten Spoons for Crafts - Spoon Jewelry

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hey guys

Kayla here with curiouser creation 8

today I'm showing you how I flattened

vintage silver-plated spoons for various

crafts since a flat spoon is the

starting point for many spoon crafts

like pendants bracelets bookmarks etc I

thought this was a good thing to share

so you're going to need your spoons a

sledgehammer this is 48 ounces from

Craftsman got it at a Sears an old

t-shirt or cloth that you don't mind if

it gets destroyed

so I fold my t-shirt in half so there's

4 layers of fabric between the concrete

and my spoon and I also fold the t-shirt

over top of the spoon and you can see

I'm laying this food spoon down like

upside down to begin the hammering that

way just so the spoon is protected on

both sides by the fabric so then being

very careful not to hit your other hand

you want to start hammering the back of

the spoon so I hammer it quite a few

times I don't use a ton of force each

time you can see I'm bending the handle

back and I'm flipping the spoon over so

now I'm hitting the front of the spoon

so you want to check it each time and

you can flip your spoon back and forth

and use the sledgehammer until you're

happy with the result I think the main

thing is making sure that the spoon is

protected so there you go a flattened

spoon pen a fine spoon to use for a

pendants and things like that so here's

just another clip of me doing this it's

not as good because the camera moved but

basically you can do this project

outside on the concrete like I do or you

can maybe in your garage use a steel

block or a cinder block or something

like that but just be careful

you know make sure that you're watching

out where you're hammering and I'd

rather use less force and hit multiple

times and flip the spoon back and forth

multiple times I hope you guys like this

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