Hot Forming Pipe (Bending Pipe Without a Bender)

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hello everyone

welcome back to the workshop so today I

am going to be working further along on

this little bit of a lamp project my

little tact project that I've been

working on several other videos

the one where I did the cattail leaves

and I did the decorative base so today

we're gonna work on the stem portion now

this is just a scrap piece of 5/8

outside diameter tubing that I had

laying around the shop yeah it was

essentially I bought this with a whole

bunch of other sprout so I don't even

know what it's made of

really I'm assuming it is a mild steel

tube of some sort I guess we'll find out

on that but today we're gonna go ahead

and Bend this up and I'm gonna show you

the jig that I use to be able to bend

this thing up and I'll talk a little bit

about it when we're making our first bin

thanks for watching okay everyone so

here we are at the vise the first step

in this process is any time that you've

been tubing you have got to provide

support for the around the bend of the

tube to stop the side walls from

collapsing out on you now this might

prove a little interesting because it

looks like somebody was doing some sort

of generic lathe work on this piece

testing on a lathe of some sort and so

there's some thicker and thinner spots

here and that might actually give me

some troubles but we'll have to see how

this works out so basically what I've

constructed here is just a piece of

angle iron so I bent the angle iron to

about the shape since it bends easier

than tubing does about the way I want

the curvature to be and what I'm going

to do is I'm actually going to heat this

whole piece up right in here where I

want my bend to go and then I'm gonna

lock the whole thing in the vise just

like so the cold bit and then I should

be able to take and grab and Bend this

right on around that is the ideal now

I've already done it before where I had

this locked in the vise like so and then

I just kind of clamped on it and then

pulled this around that worked okay but

it wasn't as handy so something like


is gonna work better if you do where you

clamp the whole jig and pipe take that

few seconds to lock it down in the vise

and then go ahead and Bend this around

now with that being said you can see

this is just open era nothing supported

well we're not really trying to hammer

against this this is mental this is

meant to simply just hold the shape of

the pipe and stop it from collapsing as

much now in my earlier tests on a much

larger section of pipe I did find that

the pipe tried to collapse a little bit

because it was a lot larger than this I

haven't tested this yet so we're gonna

see how this goes

this has a workout I'll be back to the

scrapyard and I'll have to go but

actually buy me some tube because I

don't have any laying around so I'll

have to go get me some more too and

we'll have to read a lot to do this

again in another day without further ado

let's get this thing heated up I will be

back to the device and we will go ahead

and bend it around here for this first


okay everyone got that up nice and hot

go ahead clamp the tubes down use a pair

of scrolling tongs here and see if I

can't get this to start to bend so far

so good I think whenever you do

something like this you want to take it

a little bit at a time you know this is

obviously not a tubing bender you've got

to be careful how much torque and stuff

you put on it and go oh it's actually

done really well I held up good there's

very minimal very minimal deforming this

way that's just the thickened part

anyhow and so yet that's already getting

there so I think I'm gonna take another

heat back in here we're gonna go ahead

and bend it around a little more

so this way that there will match up if

you see how that works

so I'm gonna put that up there like so

and then I'm going to continue to tweak

this portion on around Oh

now last thing real quick whenever

you're working with pipe it is important

for this is a safety thing so pay

attention whenever you're working with

pipe it is important to plug one end of

the pipe with a plug of some sort

I recommend tissue paper or a wet rag of

some kind to stop the chimney effect I

went over this and the dangers of

forging pipe video I'll put a link to

that in the description at the end here

but if you stick this end in the fire it

will chimney up through here and get

this very hot to where you can't touch

it if you're going to just work with

tongs it's probably no big deal but I

like to hold my stock if I can you can

wrap it with just a paper towel like so

and I've actually wet in the end of the

paper towel and shoved it up in there

and then went ahead and put this around

it that gives you a comfortable grip

that you can get the work done so

there's a little tip there on safety

we'll be right back and we'll continue

bending this on around all right

here we are with our second heat I'm

gonna go ahead and place this out just a

little further and then clamp her down

again like we did before and now we're

going to slip these in here I'm gonna

give her a pole again I'm just trying to

go slow enough that I don't cause any

kinks here this is essentially the ideal

of it you just want to go slow enough

that you don't create it and kinking you

want to get the form you want without

the Kings so there we are I think that

looks pretty darn good that that flatten

out a little bit but I'll go to the

handle and I'll show you how you can

correct that

and that matches the pitch almost

perfectly so that's what we're watching

go separate that and I think some of

that King King was probably just from

that weak point pipe it forced it to

bend uneven so you can see there's a

little bit of a pinch there we're going

to take care of that by squaring this

back up over at the impulse horn and

I'll show you I'll show you what I mean

by that and then we will go on to

bending the next portion which is gonna

actually be down in here and I need to

get a little softer a little softer bin

to it so you know it's gonna come like

that kind of curve down if you will keep

that in line okay everyone I got this

hot I'm gonna use a rawhide mallet and

I'm gonna set this curve not like this

I'm just gonna rock it up a little bit

and then I'm gonna roll it down just

like that just kind of like hooking it

down and around like that and that'll

take out most of that pink and almost

beat well it'll be pretty much

non-existent for the most part to the

untrained eye of course live in a

country where you got blacksmithing

standards this may not pass they're

journeyman test or master Smith

qualifications but hey that's alright I

don't care about any of those sort of

things I'm an American alright that's a

joke guys just didn't keep me


I like all my foreign myths out there

that subscribe to my channel you guys

are awesome you bring a whole different

flavor to the channel I like it so there

we are you see how I got that bent there

that curves nice and pretty much where I

want it now so now what I have to do

is create and actually I might go a

little more with it I'm looking at it

now I think it needs to curb just a

little bit more so I think what I'm

going to do now is I'm going to take the

opportunity to cool off this bend a

little bit so I can heat it right in

here and get it to curve over just a

little more because what I'm trying to

do is create this very elegant piece

like that it's kind of hard to do with

this chunky pipe we'll see how it goes I

think it'll give it an interesting

texture though so I'll go ahead and take

another hint I'll go over the vise I'll

curve it that extra a little bit and

then I'll come back to you guys when

we're going the opposite direction where

I want to kind of put my bend at it's

gonna give this a little bit of a bend

don't want to give it too much too soon

I said I just want to kind of get a

little bit of a bend going there we go

so something like that'll work for me I

think that'll work out just right


there we go

so remember forging pipe can be fun but

it can also be dangerous it takes a

little extra considerations you know at

first when I was doing this I was

thinking maybe I need to go out and buy

a bender or some sort of tubing bender

something commercially made this that

will have you it just turns out it was

just as cheap and easy to go ahead and

make something in-house quick and simple

bend the hanger arm to the side to the

shape you want your pipe to be bent

clamp it in and go to town and that's a

good way of bending up some pipe there

so hope you guys enjoyed this video

check in on the next video where we're

actually gonna Forge the bloom of this

lamp which I'm really liking so it's

going to actually be like a flower bloom

on the front here and we're going to tie

all this together with our decorative

base we're gonna go ahead and tie it

into our decorative base we'll have our

flower bloom a light bulb wire it and

it's got to be a good time so thank you

all for watching this video if you liked

it hit that thumbs up if you disliked it

that thumbs down is always the option

and like always thank you all to my

loyal subscribers god bless you all and

have a great week