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hey folks it's josh tony rich farmer

welcome to the farm vlog today today's

gonna be a pretty fun day we're going to

install metal edging around our

flowerbeds here at the house so I'm

finally getting caught up on some of the

big projects like over here where we

planted grass seed and stuff if you

haven't seen those vlogs I'll post links

to them at the end of the video I've got

things around the house that need to be

caught up so we're gonna get busy on

that we're gonna show you how to install

this metal edging for your flowerbeds

and it's pretty cool then make it in

brown they make it in green so come

along today well have some fun and make

this place pretty alright


Kal ranch baby so guys before we get

started with today's vlog I want to show

you something I'm really proud of I

don't know if you guys follow every vlog

but I bought some seat covers for this

Dodge Ram Pickup and the seat covers

were in horrible shape we paid $3,000

for this big old 2500 Dodge Ram truck

and we're slowly but surely working on

it and getting it to the way I want it

check out the inside man this thing

looks great

check that out this is a $99 am truck

and we put the dash cover on here and

you can see there's some cardboard on

here I was fixing up the windshield

wipers but man the carpet came out nice

this is the new seat cover that we put

on still got a tear right here in the in

the driver's side seat but man what a

great truck now something that's really

funny about this truck I hadn't cleaned

it since we bought it we've probably had

it about no know 2 or 3 months and guess

what I found a bonus in the truck

underneath the seat Goonies gremlins and

gremlins to read so folks I don't know

if you're like me but I've walked by

this stuff I don't know 200 times and

this is what it is it's just like a four

or five inch metal heavy-duty landscape

barrier that you could weed eat up

against you can bump with your lawnmower

it's not going to hurt it and it's

basically held in place by little stakes

that go in through here and each piece

comes with two stakes on each end so it

comes with four stakes what you need to

do is break the stakes off with the pair

pliers just a big old pair of pliers

basically they just pop off hopefully

they pop off there we go so they just

pop off and then we hammer those in to

the little slots now you got to be


they say wear gloves and the wear eye

protection while you're doing this but

basically these little pieces just lock

together and then these little stakes go

into the slots pretty cool pretty simple

now we'll take you over here and we'll

show you the flower bed all right cow

rant so folks you can see this flower

beds just kind of all over the place

right now I've got lots of weeds I've

got some lilies coming up and I've got

some pretty as aliens coming up too but

everything's kind of

just not looking so good so this is

going to be the start of making it

pretty and basically we're going to take

it back now I know a lot of you people

may have just bought a house or

something like that and you want to

dress up your flowerbeds and make them

look nice and I really think this stuff

looks nice so to start our end we're

actually going to leave these are the

two little stakes here we're actually

going to leave those stakes in and we're

gonna start our end right down here and

we'll put this side to the inside okay

so the side where the stake goes is

going to go toward the flowerbed and the

smooth side which you can see here see

there's a smooth side and then there's a

raised side so this side right here will

go outward toward the lawnmower and the

weed eater so we can weed eat up next to

it pretty cool let's get started so

sometimes the most intimidating part of

a good project is just getting started

so I've been meaning to do this for at

least two years when we first put our

home here on the farm I wanted to do

this the tools you're gonna need our

nice big pair of pliers I'm using a

rubber mallet and maybe we can use the

rubber mallet it may have to get a metal

mallet I'm not sure and you can use I

have a sawzall to walk sawzall or

reciprocating saw but you can just use a

hacksaw you need I protect you and

protection for your hands you need some

gloves I'm probably not gonna wear

gloves for most of this but I may use

gloves if I see fit

well let's set our tools over here out

of the dirt and we'll get a start we'll

get our first piece here and basically I

want to line this up with my flowerbed

edge okay it would probably help to have

mrs. Stoney Ridge here to help me but

it's okay we'll get it done I want to

match it up with my sidewalk right here

and I know that I'm going to be

extending my flowerbed out this way a

little bit which leaves me a little bit

more room for planting flowers and stuff

like that all right so we've got our

first little section lined up right here

I'll bring the camera in closer so you

can see so here's our first little

section and we're basically just going

to line it up with a sidewalk and we're

going to knock this little stake in

pretty simple then we're going to go

ahead and we're going to knock the

second stake in and we want to make sure

that it's nice and straight and level up

and down

would kind of give her a little twist

and make sure she's good and then we'll

move on down this way folks this stuff

couldn't be more simple okay so we're

just gonna drive our stakes in and

basically we want to make sure that

we're in a good spot here okay a good

level spot we don't want it to go up and

down up and down up and down like that

so you may want to take a little shovel

with you in order to straighten out your

flowerbed to that'll kind of help or you

can just take your hands and rake rake

back a little bit that'll be fine too

okay we'll take our stake drop it in and

tap our stake down pretty simple stuff

pretty cool at this point we're going to

go ahead and we're going to get all of

our pieces and we're going to lay them

out throughout the yard here and get

started rock and roll with this thing

get moving

now ladies you might be watching this

thinking hmm that stuff seems too heavy

it's really not all that heavy I'd say

each piece probably weighs somewhere in

our neighborhood of I don't know eight

to ten pounds so it's really not all

that heavy for folks who can't lift

really heavy stuff you can handle it

don't worry


so we're to our next section right here

and basically we're going to take and

break loose our little stakes that come

with this package and just bend them

back yeah pretty simple this is the only

thing that requires a little bit of

strength you have to have a little

strength in your hands I know you break

them off and then we'll lay them up here

where they go

this little piece goes underneath it

kind of locks into place here

let's get you a close-up so this is the

first piece we laid down and here is the

second piece and basically they just

ride right on top of each other and then

you take your stake and you put this

little ridge to the inside drive him in

there all right there then we lock them

in place just like so make sure this

piece right here fits nice and flush and

even and then we'll take our mallet and

we'll tap it down make sure we're in the

place that we want to be take our mallet

and tap it down tap it into place just

tap it in very light tap rubber mallet

works just fine now from this point

forward will basically just continue on

around the flowerbed continue knocking

stakes in supporting them and basically

will support them at each joint and then

we'll go back in and we bought some

extra stakes we bought I think 40 extra

stakes to stake the center areas and

make sure everything looks straight it

looks nice pretty simple I'm gonna get

busy just in the nick of time my

neighbor Tony shows up so he's gonna

help me up and we're gonna help him out

here in just a little bit - we're gonna

put some new lights on this golf cart so

that'll probably be the next vlog pretty

nice we're gonna go ahead and run this

thing we're gonna get busy with it

alright guys so we're matching it up

right here sometimes you gotta dig a

little bit in the flowerbed match it up

you can just basically drop one of these

stakes in and be sure the rib on the

stake is facing the flowerbed drop it in

then get the next one and drop it in

take your rubber mallet tap it into

place now we're going to be working

around a turn right here this stuff is

really really flexible so it makes it

really easy to make beautiful round

flowerbeds I feel like we're gonna be

using a lot more of this stuff

throughout the farm it just makes things

simple easier to mow up - easier to weed

eat and easier to weed the garden or

weed the flowerbed so if you get a spot

that's not quite level you can just tap

take your rubber mallet and just tap it

right down into the ground I'm learning

as I go just like you there's a dog turd

down here I've got to be really careful

not to get in that dog turd okay guys I

don't know about you but I just love to

work outside I just love to build things

and look back at what I did and be proud

of it or be ashamed of it and fix it

later really fun weather is beautiful

today it's nice to do something to take

a little pride pretty awesome so folks

we were getting it done here it looks

nice we've got a few more to put up and

we're gonna go ahead and get busy I just

thought I'd show you how this stuff goes

up how it installs and what it looks

like so we'll take and fill in our

flowerbeds right here with some good

garden soil and put some more flowers in

it'll be beautiful thanks a lot guys

we'll see you next time on Stoney Ridge

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we'll see you next time



Pierce we had some ways opposed to me

stone Tyrion

hey Tony

smile can I please have the son back any

chance I could get the son back

sometimes the biggest part is having

your camera aimed properly Cal ranch