How-To Quickly & Easily Bend Stainless Steel Pipes

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hi I'm Mike from Ridgid tool and we're

gonna continue the series on the

stainless steel working and now with

stainless steel bending stainless steel

comes in many different forms many

different types all of which are a

nightmare to bend one of the properties

of stainless steel is that it work

hardens so as you try and bend it it

gets harder to bend so what we've done

at Ridge is we've come up with a range

of lever benders for small damaged tubes

these are available one size for each

size two tubes so they come in a range

from six mil right the way through to 12

and 5/16 through to half-inch and the

beauty of these stainless steel bending

nice long handle so lots of leverage to

Bend stainless steel and everything here

is stainless steel that comes in contact

with the bender so you've got the former

here and the rollers are stainless steel

so you won't get any cross contamination

on the metal and they are rollers so

that's a nice easy way to form the bend

the fact that roller will actually glide

around the tube so quite simply all we

do take a piece of tube we're using a

bit of 5/8 stainless steel here open up

the latch cert the tube and then we're

ready to go so you've got some markings

on the former and you've got some

markings here on the slide side these

markings here for doing you gain so when

you want to actually set a Bend these

would be for marking out for that and

then here on the former as you can see

it's all graduated with the the angle of

Bend okay so let's do it

so quite simply bring the handle around

and then when we get to ninety degrees

that's it now what we want to do if you

want to do a return bend or a you been

clever trick here we twist the handle

and that handle will reset over there

and you can go again and Bend round for

you 180 release it

open up a lunch and there we go

says returned then