How to BEND square metal tubing - By Hand the easy way

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hello everyone Reagan today I'm going to

show you how I took this a square

perfectly straight aluminum fence taken

and made a fixture to be able to make

them radius like this beautiful radius

picket and I did it all with this little

beastie right here it's a picture that I

made in the shop I'm going to go over

the details and show you how I roll

these tools so this is the fixture I'm

going to get a few close-up images but

you can see it is quite simple we've got

a 1 inch steel plate and for reference

I'm going to reach over here that's a 1

inch steel plate as you can see and

we've got some half-inch bars right

there these are two half-inch bars by

two inches if you're interested if you

want to make that yourself the pivot

point right here is one inch diameter

shaft we've got two bolt flange bearings

one on each side you can see it right

there and right there and you might also

take a notice of this right here this is

a boss a piece of half-inch steel with a

hole in it that's welded to the one-inch

plate on both sides and the reason for

that will become clear in a second so as

we come up here we have a glass filled

nylon rollers plastic so it doesn't

damage the pickets it doesn't damage the

finish on the pickets a 1 inch pin and

inside here the the rotor has needle

bearings that right on this pin it

doesn't do a lot of rotation so the

hardness of that pin as it comes is fine

when we have 2 spreaders one up here one

down here now you might notice that

these spreaders have holes built into

them right there and right there

and the reason for that is for future if

it needed to have a long rod a long

handle put in there

we had a provision already for the

handle and now you might also notice

there's an extra hole here seems

superfluous this extra hole is that in

the future probably in the very near

future we can attach a air cylinder and


the bending process so there's no reason

to take this arm up off or any of the

parts to put any extra holes in it we

did all the holes all the machining in

one shot and we can add the air cylinder

whenever we need to so in in theory what

happens is you put your ticket right on

that steel plate and you bring this

forward and it will roll that pick it

into shape you're going to see me do

that in a second so I just wanted to

show you this I give you the quick

explanation now you might also notice

that this surface of the one-inch plate

is carefully polished and that is so you

wouldn't have any marks transferring

into the aluminum picot I think for

production purposes we might put a strip

of of teflon tape on here so there's no

chance of marking the material it's the

reason this roller is made of a glassful

nylon so you wouldn't transfer or mark

any other material so with having said

all that let's see what what it's like

to bend one of these pickets okay so

here we have the fixture here we have

straight pickets and we're going to turn

them into radius pickets like these now

these were bent from different positions

because I don't have a stop setup so if

you look at them they look slightly

different but be sure that it is the

same radius it's just at taken at

different points so we're going to take

these square lumina pickets you can see

right there

aluminum square pickets you hear that

that's metal I'm going to set on this

fixture it's very simple

I'm just going to see to see make sure

that I have enough material for the

radius and I do so there we have it as

you roll this you're going to see that

it wants to pick up the backside so

eventually we will have fixed toggle

clamps here but for right now I'm just

going to clamp it in place just to hold

it while I roll it I just want to make

sure that my tube is parallel to my my

fixture plate and it doesn't take my

chapter this is not a lot of clap but

that's all we need and you're going to

see how simple decision

well there it is just take this tubing

out and there we have another roll

picket now these are all different links

because they were all roll from

different positions so it looks

different but the actual radius itself

is actually correct they're all the same

well there you have it I went from a

straight square peg it like that to a

radius picket you can see takes about 10

seconds to actually roll one of these

which is great because the customer

needs to do 4,000 of these in under two

weeks so I think they're gonna be happy

with this fixture thank you all for

watching if you haven't done so yet

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