Magic Tricks : Introduction to Spoon Bending

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hi I'm magician Paul Weatherbee and in

this tutorial it is the introduction to

spoon bending why bend a spoon you ask

well back in the 70s there was an

Israeli psychic named uri geller

and he claimed he could bend spoons with

his mind well since then magicians have

started doing it and 40 years later

they're still doing it this is a brief

introduction get yourself some cheap

spoons get them at a five-and-dime store

you can get spoons three or four for a

dollar that cheaper the spoon the better

have a collection of spoons you can take

the spoons and well you can have one

person look at a spoon they can examine

it you can take that spoon you can pass

another spoon out for someone else to

examine and take the spoon now watch

very carefully with just a little bit of

motion the spoon actually starts to bend

can you see the bend in that spoon

compared to say this phone you can see

how much that's bent up spoon bent with

psychic powers and now the big secret

here it is you bend the spoon when

nobody's looking I know that's shocking

isn't it this is what you do you have

all the spoons out you pass one spoon

out from one they look at it to hand it

back to you you pass the spoon to

another person as you're crossing your

arm over simply grasp the spoon like

this and press the handle on a table

then hold the spoon straight on to the

audience they can't tell that there's a

bend in it

start shaking the spoon and slowly

slowly let it go forward and then they

can see the big bend in the spoon that

in a nutshell is an introduction to

spoon bending I'm magician Paul


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and keep your magic strong