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about a thousand six years ago I learned

the traditional old-fashioned spoon band

the parted table to be on the table I'll

show you that just a second

ah and it was fine at the classic

beginners trick and actually learning

how to bend a spoon even without a URI

or hurry Geller in the world in that

whole mystic saying nori how to bend a

spoon I think it's a cool thing I mean

because it's restaurants bars is

sanatoriums wherever you are you're

bound to find a spoon and however if you

lose you want to make sure they're

sturdy spoons I've done this before and

then it's nothing like doing that

quickly doing a spoon Bend and then the

spectator picks up their spoon and bends

it as well it's sort of lackluster it's

like I'm going to read your mind you

think of three diamonds and they go oh

yeah well I remember that I'm reading

your mind or remember your first date

with Lucille and you go to a cold sweat

they went up here you don't want that so

yeah the original spoon Ben was cool

I'll show it in a second it's okay but

it's kind of difficult and I really

wanted to create something that had a

flow to it

where I like to do this where we like to

do this is as a throwaway it's one of

these things so on at a table I pick up

off the table and others say you know

either we'll talk about okay hey how you

guys doing it Jay and I lucky actually

my first table or your my third table or

your my 107th table tonight and I saw I

got to make sure I'm strong when we work

out a bit and I'll do the spoon then is

it's like fertile do it really slowly as

a spoon band as if I'm working at my mom

first let's look at the traditional

standard spoon bed the way it's supposed

to look is where you grab the spoon okay

and they see it there and then you push

down on the table and as you push down

it looks like a totally flattened it of

course and then you pick it up and you

spin it forward down straight now it's a

nice little illusion but it is a bit

heavy-handed excuse the pun because you

got this whole I mean this grip seems a

bit over-the-top for me what you're

doing is this okay there's the side you

is you're not grabbing it in your fist

like that what in fact you're doing is

grabbing it with the pinky behind the

fist okay so from the front if you keep

it moving first you grab here the pinky


bass okay you got that there and this on

top and obviously you don't just do this

and people go what is going on there

that is some want to go to Salvador Dali

illusion or something weird you do this

and this okay it's parent you've got it

but that's really what's going on okay

and then when you press down and you can

go quickly or you could go slowly a

little bit of shake thing is if you're

using all your might okay so but notice

how angry that it's you know unless

pretty much anybody on what I call the

Australian or Christian side is able to

see post first on those two terms have

come together to see that so it's pretty

angry and there's a finish you kind of

just bring it up after bending it didn't

and in the flurry of it you kind of

diffuse and you're back to this so

that's the original and it's kind of

clumsy and kind of angry so I was

playing with this many many years ago

and I realized what I wanted to look

like if I wanted it look like I came

over and bent the head of the spoon down

boom and I was actually playing with a

cheap tin spoon and I realized wait a

second this natural position of the hand

holding the neck and this I can do this

and it'll look exactly like I just bent

the spoon the way it normally would look

if you're really bent it but of course

I'm not saying what in fact I'm doing

using a very similar principle to the

old-fashioned one but much better on

angles is the exposed view is unbending

it forward and it's bending up okay

bending up behind the hand now you

really should practice this because you

have to decide do I want to come over

and do it the shaky firm kind of slow

bend while I'm letting it again lever up

just on the first top of the index or do

I want to do the shaking slow thing or

do I want to do a real kind of quick

boom just boom boom what I like to you

can do this and then I mean it can

really lose another spoon being briefly

bent it's perfect but what I came up

with which I really like is to kind of

finish it by going to bend then I need

Li put it back pivot it back up and just

the cover

I do a corkscrew action while pushing it

out the hand when you're doing magic

with something people eat with okay all

this it's a whole other category raises

a very important question of Hygiene I

mean it's one thing to say hey it was a

great trick and now I've got a cold

thank you so out of respect I think it's

really important because too many

magicians don't show enough respect for

people they kind of blow into space love

it and I used to do this all the time

when I worked as a regular house

magician at a bunch of places here in

Toronto area and that is once you're

done your ring and spoon or your spoon

band or any of these kind of thing it's

always a good idea to say thank you so

much here let me get your fresh food

okay and of course you go around the

corner and you know rather than your

bare hands you bring another one back

like this rats little napkin people

appreciate that I think it's a good idea

what people never knew when I did is I

would just go around the corner grab the

same spoon which graphically without can

get tobacco like I give well there you

have it truly a next-level spoon Bend

thank you so much for watching as always

my friends really appreciate it it's so

exciting to produce this stuff and know

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we'll see if very very sounds like a

plane is coming it could be the

luftwaffe which I believe is in German

for pudding which doesn't sound very

menacing and references a German

Luftwaffe won't be used on this

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