How to Make Spoon Jewelry Using Common Tools

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okay guys today I'm in the jewelry

making business tomorrow is Valentine's

Day and I've decided that I'm going to

make my better half some jewelry and I'm

going to make them out of these spoons

now when I was a teenager I was taught

how to make a ring with a spoon and or a

fork and some files and you know a

little bit of muscle and a torch and I

thought I would try my hand at a

bracelet so I know this video is a

little bit different than what I

normally do this isn't really science

and technology well maybe it's science I

don't know but it is a DIY and for those

that are interested keep watching if

you're not interested then you know go

find something else

I brought some tools over here

a selection of pliers some adjustable

wrenches and that sort of thing if I

need more I can you know get more so I'm

just going to go ahead and win it and

hopefully it'll work out so I'm going to

try this one first I thought that this

one would look pretty good as a bracelet

and this one might go well as a ring so

when she wasn't looking at my snag one

of her bracelets this is a store-bought

bracelet that she likes and I know that

it fits her quite well so I'm going to

use this kind of as my size template I

was looking around through my tools and

I found this jump piece of wood that was

cut in a circle and it's a little bit

bigger than our bracelet is here but I

thought that I could use it to start

forming this and bending this around so

I'm just going to jump right in here and

see how it goes

it's best just to go slow I do know that

so that you're not getting a kink in any

one spot so you just kind of have to

keep working it

I don't know what I'm gonna do about the

end of the spoon yet I'm my hammer flat

or I might just cut it off I haven't

really decided yet I just want to get

this into shape first

now for those that are wondering this

isn't silver this is just a stainless


I'm putting the rag here to prevent

damage I don't really want to buff out

any areas that I might scratch or scuff

up so I'm trying to be very careful

I'm going to go ahead and flatten this

out and see if I can go get a hammer

I'll be back I wouldn't I got my hammer

but I got thinking I might be able to

use the vise with a couple pieces of

wood and just squeeze it so I'm gonna

try that first see how that works

keep in mind I've not made a bracelet

before this is my first time so I'm just

kind of making it up as I go

to find flatten this out

I don't want to go too far too quick

I don't know if I'm really doing

anything or not again the wood is just

here to protect it it's actually not

doing much I'll probably have to beat on

it I'm going to go ahead and beat on it

in another room so I don't jar this

camera here's what it looks like right

now I'm just going to put it between two

pieces of wood and start beating on it

I'll be back

well I put it on the floor and I start

beating on with a hammer and I broke my

wood but I managed to flatten this out

quite a bit I don't know exactly what

I'm going for yet so I'm just going to

leave it like that for a few minutes and

keep working this around and trying to

shape it

I might end up just cutting their off

anyway so yeah

yeah I don't know we think what should I


just have to be real careful to avoid

any sharp bends


it's roughly about the right shape I've

really got to do a lot of work though to

get it round you can see I'm also

wondering if I should just cut this this

off I'm not sure it's just a kind of art

project too I mean you just kind of have

to go with what you think looks good

I kind of stopped using the rag because

it just took too much time to stick it

in there and between bounds so it's

going to take me longer to buff this all

out clean it up nice and then when you

put it on you can just squeeze it make

that a little more smooth there so I

guess the wood idea didn't work out I am

getting some more though that's about

exactly the right shape okay I'm gonna

go ahead and start buffing on this one

nothing looks that bad at all Ashley I'm

still wondering what to do about this

area though okay I've been beating away

the spoon now for a while and I haven't

polished it yet but I think I have the

shape that I want this is the gold one

that I took from her that fits are nice

and I borrowed it for the sighs looks

like I've got a pretty good match so I

think I'm going to leave this spoon hat

on there

I just powdered it flat and I can't get

it on my my hand but uh I think it will

look really good

I'm going to go ahead and set it aside

for a few minutes and think about it and

I'm I need to polish it off and stuff

anyway and make some final adjustments

to it and I'm just going to set it aside

for a minute and start working on a ring

and I'm going to use this spoon for the

the ring it has a similar design you can

see there so I think I'm going to go

ahead and just make her a ring out of

this set this one aside think about it

for a few minutes and then I can polish

them up together and fit them for I

won't be able to do the final fitting

till tomorrow but got to get this video

up today so go ahead and take care of


I was trying to think of how I could

bend this around I think I'm going to go

ahead and use just freeform on this kind

of like I did with the bracelet just

start working it see what I come up with

here so

the Rings probably going to be a little

tougher because it you know it's a

tighter tighter turn and I'm thinking

about spiral until you know instead of

just a this end meets the next end I

think I'm going to spiral like that

we'll see how it goes I'm creating as I


I'm just really worried about damaging

the spoon because you can see there's a

couple marks on the back here anytime

you damage it you're going to have to

get that out of there I just really

don't have the tools to get the you know

too much too deep of a gouge out I'm

just trying to think of any tool that I

have that will make this job easier and

we're getting there

if I'm going to spiral this I need to

start banning it to the side so you know

can curl think I'm going to go ahead and

start doing that now so you know you

could go out and buy your girl around or

you can make it and you know it's not

going to be the nicest ring in her

jewelry box for sure but I think it will

be extra special that you made it I know

that every time I make my girl something

that she knows that I created it with my

own hands it brings in a little extra

something special and it's more

appreciated so and it's fun to make it

too this has been quite nice now I

starting to get the technique of it a

little bit it's just a matter of

gripping it and then twisting it and not

going too fast

almost need to squeeze the whole thing

together a little bit

it's impossible when I try

see it's it's kind of spreading out all

about I try to squeeze this together

just about

I'm definitely going to have to angle

this more we have to twist this whole

thing so I can bring this piece around

like that try to do that now and you

know I don't even know if this is going

to fit her I'm just guessing I know

approximately how big her fingers are

and I'll just you know go with what I

know and then I can always make further

adjustments after I give it to her

so am I making a master am I making a

ring okay I've been bending at this for

a few minutes and originally I was going

to go to angle you can see how this is

passing this but I think I'm going to go

ahead and just terminate it there and

then make it straight I think it'll be

nicer so I'm going to go ahead and get

my dremel tool cut that off right there

all right well I cut that piece off

there here's the spoon there that was on

there like that I just cut it off and

then I started bending this back I found

this little needle set of files and they

come in real handy I'm just taking the

rounded one and coming inside and

cleaning this up and trying to get all

the marks off and everything like that I

know when I use my pliers know if you

can see that but it it damaged the

to finish a little bit so I'm going to

get them out as good as I can with the

file set and then I'm going to go back

to my Dremel wheel and start polishing

this up but you know there's the ring

before polishing see if it'll fit me

here and here's the bracelet so I think

she'll like it

and I'll just get a box of candy a rose

and a little bit of homemade jewelry so

I think she'll be real happy with it

let's get the Dremel out see if we can

polish this stuff up well I've got this

kit for my rotary tool kit now I'm

trying to figure out what what to use to

polish I've never used this for

polishing I found these pads here mmm

by the way I can figure they go on is on

this thing it's like a little screw so I

just screwed one on there I'm gonna try

that see how it works out you know you

you have these kits are wrong like I

usually use mine just for the cutoff

wheels once in a while I'll use it for

the sand or something like that but I've

never used it for the polish so in fact

I don't have any polish so it's going to

try to pass and see how that works out

okay let's give this a try here II

four whitens teeth it might be all the

way in this ring I'll do one side right

here and Singh makes a difference bar in

the hole


to face forever

well you can see what happened to my pad

it broke on me I don't think that's how

you're supposed to do these we're do

another one I mean there's no hole in it

or anything it's just them it's just a

pad so who knows also I think I'm going

to put the paste on the this thing

Felicia smells nice here we go


all right well I rinsed it off I think

it is shy not quite nice I'm going to go

ahead and work at it a little bit longer

and then I'll be back

okay well I finished polishing them I

think it come off pretty good

take a look at that too well

I thought about actually putting up you

know patina back on them with vinegar I

don't know

they're pretty shiny right now maybe I

should put a vinegar patina well what

I'm going to do is just spend a few more

minutes cleaning these up and find a

nice package to put these in and then

tomorrow we'll see how she likes them so

there you have it guys there's my room

and here's the matching bracelet made

out of spoons

well thanks well there they are there's

the bracelet and there's the ring I know

the bracelet will fit because I you know

it took one of her bracelets and

measured it to it and the ring might be

a little big but I can always squeeze

that after I give it to her okay guys

well thanks for watching so if you want

to make your Valentine's Girl the spoon

ring or spoon bracelet that's how you do

it just a few tools and a little bit of

muscle thanks for watching and we'll see

you next time take care and happy

Valentine's Day hey guys this is Steve

thanks for watching hey don't forget to

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