How to Bend A Spoon With Your Mind

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hey everybody welcome back to open door

hypnosis TV I'm share a profit the mind

magic coach and tonight we are going to

be bending spoons and forks with our

minds and our hands so I learned this

particular technique from a colleague of

mine her name is cherry Bly he does

sorry my camera is a little crooked she

does these PK parties there

psychokinesis parties right and

everybody is sitting in a room and we

all have a bunch of spoons and forks you

intuitively pick your spoon or your fork

with a pendulum okay

I didn't intuitively pick these tonight

I just picked them out of the package

that I bought from the dollar store and

then you proceeded to put all your

energy into your hands and you start to

bend okay so here okay so before I got

on today I practiced a little bit just

to make sure I wasn't too tired to do

this does it take quite a bit of energy

to do this this is a fork that I just

bent just bent that maybe about 30

minutes ago I'm gonna do it again on

camera okay

all right these are regular old like

dinner Forks you can see it's not

bending right now because I haven't put

the energy into it okay and I had bent

this one but it wasn't bent to my


so I straightened it back out and then I

tried to bend it again and then it broke

okay this is a spoon and a fork that I

bent at one of cherries PK parties this

is months ago back I'm not

I think okay um excuse my scratches this

my cat scratches me

so anyway okay and then this is the fork

that I bent at the party

I've been to quite a few of them but

some of them are being washed because I

actually used the spoons to stir my tea

in my little get out tika that one of my

um friends gave me as a gift so anyways

so tonight I'm gonna show you guys how

to do this how to bend a spoon with your

mind okay so obviously you have to use

your hands too so I'm not just looking

at the spoon and it's bending on its own

I'm pretty sure we could do that at some

point but right now I'm just gonna do it

with my hands the way I was taught to do

this okay so I'm going to start with the

spoon this like I said this is just a

regular old spoon you don't want to get

the spoon too thick obviously if you

have like one of those like super thick

spoons it might still work but you have

a better chance at doing this with a

thinner spoon okay but the spoon is

still sturdy I cannot bend this right

now on its own without me putting a lot

of pressure on it and hurt in my hand

okay so the whole idea of this is to

utilize your own energy and you're going

to take all of the energy and put it

into your hand and you're going to heat

the spoon up with your energy and when

you feel that the spoon is ready to bend

it will Bend so usually I will ask it

well you've been for me in my mind and

then I will hear it say yes now and then

I will start to bend it so the first

thing you want to do is you want to see

where it can bend the easiest so it's

about right here that it wants to bend I

can feel it it wants to bend about right

there okay so I'm going to

slip into just a little trance right now

okay you guys see and I'm pulling all

pull pol I'm pulling all of the energy

right here in my forehead almost until

it hurts okay and once it gets right

there and it starts to hurt a little bit

then you want to take it and I don't

mean like a throbbing headache obviously

if you have like um mmm god I can't

think migraines you probably don't want

to do this because you don't want to

trigger a migraine but usually until it

just me feel some pressure right here in

the forehead then you want to draw that

energy down down down and to your

shoulder down your arm into the hand to

your hands and your fingertips and then

you want to wait for the spoon to tell

you that it's ready to be bent and then

bend it

there you go see and just bent you see

how easy that was it didn't

I wasn't like hurting my hand and like

you know straining to do it and it's hot

is really really hot right now my

six-year-old godson can do this okay

okay so that is bent all right let's try

the fork you can see that okay

just bend to that with my hand all right

now you can continue bending it I seen

people some of my colleagues have bent

it all the way around like till the very

very end I haven't gotten to that point

yeah I'm sure I can if I continue to

just concentrate and loop around like

that but it is Bend okay and again this

is the energy coming from this is like

electricity coming out of your head down

into your arms okay and visualization

and imagination I'll also just a lot of

visualization so I'm gonna do it again

with the fork okay

and for those of you who are just

joining and tonight I'm showing you guys

how to bend a spoon with your mind and

your hands but you really do need the

energy of your mind to do this because

if you were to just do this with your

hand you're gonna injure yourself

because it takes a lot to bend this

stuff it's they're pretty sturdy they're

thin but they're pretty sturdy

okay so again you don't want to get a

fork or a spoon that's too thick you

don't want to you don't want to get like

one of those really heavy-duty forks or

spoons you want to start off with

something thinner but sturdy not too

thin to where you just then go all this

is easy it's not that you need to get it

it needs to be sturdy enough so that you

can you know really use use your energy

to bend this but you're not using

strength you're using energy okay you're

using your energy to heat this middle up

and cause it to melt down a little bit

so that you can bend it

and so I'll show you guys this is the

one that I just did on camera I just did

this one okay I did this one earlier

maybe about about 30 minutes before I

got on here just to test it out just to

make sure I wasn't too tired okay so

that's the fork that I've bent earlier

and I had bent the spoon but I didn't

like the way it bent it just bent

straight back it didn't loop over so I

strained it back out and tried to bend

it again and it broke in half and then

these are the ones that I bent at the

peak a party the psych psychokinesis

party months ago and like I said I still

use the spoon have a few of these spoons

I use them to stir my tea months the

honey in my tea it's good okay so now

let's go ahead and do the fork again I'm

just holding this in my thumb and my

forefinger you can hold it with you know

two fingers and a thumb you could do

whatever you want to do first thing I'm

gonna do is find and see where the the

knot the resistance but to see where it

actually wants to bend so let's have

been right about in here okay you can

let's debate about in here and again I'm

just gonna drop down into a trance again

it's gonna drop into trance I'm gonna

visualize all the energy forming right

here in the center of my forehead I'm

going to allow that energy to pull right

here and once I feel pressure in the

forehead almost to the point where it

hurt I'm gonna draw all the energy down

and to my arm into my hands and my

finger I want to heat this fork up and

then I'm gonna ask it will you've been

for me and when I hear her it's a yes or

bend me now is usually what is usually

what I hear you might hear something

different I will go ahead and proceed to

bend it okay you guys I showed you guys

this is not an easy Bend like it's not

just gonna Bend right now with

trying to bend it I have to heat it up


okay so again this is not a magic trick

this is just you sending you electrical

pulses through your arm into the fork

into the metal heating it up to the

point where it will Bend all right and

then I'll explain some other stuff after

we do this okay

okay you gotta move fast

- I didn't go fast enough it could have

curled some more but I didn't go fast

enough unfortunately all right so that's

that now I'm gonna try to bend the

actual prongs okay so I bent that just

now and it's hi guys it's hot it's hot

some let that cool off for a minute and

then I'm going to work on bending the

actual what do you call that the I don't

know prongs yeah all right

oh I must look good at night this is a

lot of energy I'm using okay let me know

if you guys have any questions other

thing I'm doing is I'm not resting my

elbows on anything because what I don't

want is I don't want the energy to get

drawn into the table underneath me okay


elbows are up holding it I'm putting all

my focus and attention on the fork I'm

putting it I'm taking a first I'm

putting the attention here and if you

see me shaking a little bit like that is

I'm pulling the energy I'm intensifying

the energy and I'm breathing and I'm

visualizing the energy coming here and

then I'm saying you know I'm sending the

energy down into my hands and then I'm

putting it here and I'm saying Bend Bend


will you Ben for me and when I hear Ben

me now I bend okay so some people can do

it just like this and there were some

people at the party who took it took

them a few tries and and they finally

got it first time I tried it I got it um

it really is a great way to strengthen

your mental agility it's a great way to

strengthen your manifestation abilities

and energies too because if you can bend

a fork and a spoon what

can you do right so it's really a nice

way to help you focus build your energy

up and you know intensify your energy

okay so we did we bent that already now

I'm going to bend the prongs


okay that one didn't work too much so

you see that didn't go that time it

didn't go because it wasn't ready yet

all right it wasn't ready so that

actually hurt my finger a lot and you

can see I barely got a chance to bend it

back okay I'm gonna leave it like this

and I'm gonna try another one

all right the the prongs are tougher to

bend than these are because they're so

close together so let's try it again and

you got to move fast like soon as you

hear Bend me now you gotta I hesitated I

heard it say Bend me now and I hesitated

because I was trying to figure out with

my eyes closed how to do it without

bending two at a time

okay so that lets you that that's a

great example of showing how your

thoughts can get in the way think too

much about it you won't be able to do it

you'll miss your opportunity but if you

just go and don't even think about it

like you can just this stuff will be

like it's like butter you can just loop

it around and bend it back and forth

however you want to do it you know I've

straightened some spoons out a bit up

after I've done it so let's try this

again all right so it's a good example

I'm glad that happened so I could show

you all right

see I thought about that one too much -

this one was super easy to bend as you

can see this one I thought about it okay

so the moment you the moment you're

conscious your conscious mind starts to

get into it you see what happens right

but this one I just did it it was easy

it was just like whew okay it didn't

hurt my fingers all right so like I said

I did this one earlier that one was

really cool I did that one earlier and I

scared my cat she was just like she ran

like she took off running when she saw

me bend it she's a weirdo okay so

anyways that my friends practice doing

that that is how you can practice

building up your mental agility I'm

tired now so I'm gonna take a quick


I mean I must talk to you guys I'm gonna

take a quick break from bending and talk

to you guys for a little bit and then

I'll go back and I'll try to finish

bending which work this one finish

bending this one okay so anyways this is

a great practice because like I said

it's gonna help you build up your mental

agility it's gonna help you build up

your personal strength and your your

mental strength your mental strength and

your belief okay your belief or your

trust in your ability to do something

all right

part of the reason why this works is

because you already believe on a certain

level that it can work and you can vind

it alright if you have any doubts or if

you start to think about it then it

won't so it's the story it's kind of

like the story and in the Bible right

when they're walking on the water and

once he looked down who was it Moses no

wasn't Moses I don't know I'm not a

Bible scholar one of the the

and who was in the story once he looked

down he started to sink in water right

because he drew his attention off of the

energy that was carrying him over the

water right it's the same thing with

levitation so if someone is levitating

if they happen to look down they're

gonna fall down or look down this way

they're gonna fall down because they're

not their energy needs to stay up their

attention needs to stay up I'm looking

up this way I'm heading this way this is

my point of focus the moment we lose the

point of focus or the moment we doubt we

start to sink and fall or we can't bend

the fork right okay so this is a great

lesson because it's the same thing we're

manifesting stuff right when we're when

we are in the flow and we're trusting

and we're believing and we're knowing

that the thing that we have manifested

or you know did a lot of work around

with knowing that has happened we have

that faith no matter what and shakable

guess what it starts to come it comes

like this right but the moment we start

to doubt ourselves or we start to doubt

the power of that manifestation what

happens it dries up right it just dries

up so this is a lesson to say you know

what I need to stay focused I need to

keep my point of focus on the thing that

I want I need to stay in a vibration

where I am knowing beyond belief that

whatever it is I'm trying to manifest is

already done it's already happened okay

so it's very very important when you are

building something when you are creating

something when you are manifesting money

when you are working on a new project

when you are working on a relationship

building a new relationship or you know

strengthening the bond of an existing

relationship it's very important to keep

and I know it sounds hokey because I ask

sometimes hate saying it to a passe

outlook okay positive thoughts about it

but to me it's more than just thinking

positively it is focusing on the outcome

and only that only holding the vision

for what you want and that's what I was

talking about the other day I'm sorry

that I wasn't on this weekend by the way

I had I was super busy with work and

then there was some networking things

that were taking place that I needed to

be at and then of course it was party

done so yeah anyway which was slash

networking - but I miss LA every party

turns into a networking event anyways

but what I was talking about the other

day on my last video about holding the

vision of what you want regardless of

what everybody else around you is

thinking or saying or doing it's the

same thing when we practice with this

okay it's the same thing when we

practice with this so I would encourage

you guys to go out now see I went and I

got these forks and spoons from the

dollar store because if I'm gonna be

bending them up I don't need to be

spending like fifty dollars on some

horses and spoons this why are you doing

it that makes sense right

so I just got these from the dollar

store you want to get some that are kind

of longer this these were actually

pretty short though these weren't super

long the first ones that I did it was

they were pretty short but you can get

them make sure they're not too thick

okay you want to make sure they're you

know thin enough for you to actually

Bend now you can you can work your way

up to thicker ones I've seen people bend

the super thick ones to as possible okay

excuse me you can do that but if you're

just starting out you definitely just

want us you know work your way up to

that and the reason why you want to

start off with a thinner one it's just

like with anything in life you don't

want to start off with something really

really really hard you want to take baby

steps because if you start off with the

big thick ones

you can't do it you believe all this is

stupid I'm not doing this right it just

kind of you know it just it just

overwhelms you or it just Jade's you I

guess so start off with something

thinner all right and work your way up

you can also start turning pages of

books just with your mind okay you can

move little Dixie Cups across the table

with your mind these are all things that

we have the ability to do there's a guy

on YouTube I used to watch him like a

couple of years ago and he does all of

this like psychokinesis stuff

telekinesis stuff where he's like been I

mean moving stuff around I don't know

I've never seen him do anything I'm sure

he does but you know he moves objects

across the table so there and what this

does guys it's not just doing it so you

can do it just to say you can do it but

it just building up your natural

superhuman abilities because we all have

them we all have these superhuman

abilities right where we can do things

like bend a fork and a spoon right okay

we can we have psychic abilities where

we can you know forecast things

happening before they happen we are able

to mind-read there's people's out

there's people out there who can read

minds there's people out there that can

walk through walls and levitate yes

there are people out there they can do

that because they are able to manipulate

energy and it's all science so it's not

pocus pocus it's not woo stuff this is

science and if you think it's hopeless

focusing guru that's okay that's fine

but there's a lot of evidence out there

there's books that you can read on this

you know there's articles and

information out there there's people who

do remote viewing that's something that

I'm getting ready to try to get into as

well because I already have you know

psychic abilities that can already

do that but I'm getting ready to train

myself to do it with intention because I

already have that abilities I'm just

going to start working with somebody who

can help me build that up so it's very

important to find out what your psychic

abilities are to find out what your

superpower is because we all have it

because everything is energy okay

everything is constantly moving it's

just moving so fast that you can't see

that it's moving this microphone is just

a bunch of energy and molecules right

okay it's it's move it's all it's not

really solid it is because it's moving

so fast all right so you have the

ability to break things down we have the

ability to move through things and once

you start to build up your mental

agility and you start to focus on

certain things long enough you can move

objects across the table you know so

it's not far-fetched okay it's it's not

so way out there that you know it's a

you know some sort of like trick of a

camera okay it's not a Hollywood

illusion people can actually do this

stuff but it takes time and it seems for

some people it takes years and years and

years of practice some people can do it

just like this because their natural

ability is just already there and it's

just strong you'll see it in children

like I said my six-year-old nephew my

six-year-old godson was able to bend

these spoons because he no one told him

that he couldn't okay

he's a child so nobody's telling him you

can't do something they tell me can't do

certain things obviously but they're not

stifling his creativity and the his

imagination okay and he saw me do it so

he was just like I can do it and he did

it you know so you have to move past

and your fears and your own limiting

beliefs and this is a great way to

practice this is a good way to practice

moving through your own limiting beliefs


I mean something shifted in my mind when

I did this I was just like wow that's

interesting because I know how difficult

it is to do it without using the energy

of my mind okay without using that

visualization process without pulling

the energy and moving it down my arm and

seeing that happen and then creating

this taking it from one state to another

right that's what we're doing when you

talk about magic okay

when we manifest anything we're taking

it from a state of non-physical form

into the physical form all right being

able to see yourself do this

it's evidence to the subconscious mind

that you can do a lot of other amazing

things okay so I would highly recommend

practicing this you can watch this video

over again for those step-by-step

instructions on how to do this again if

you have migraines I would not recommend

that you do this I would say don't worry

about it

because it is like right now my head is

the front of my head is very it's like

buzzing and it's a little bit pressure

right there is that it does it's not

painful but it's pressure the light is

bothering me because that energy is just

like right there so after I do after I

come off of this video I'm probably

gonna go in my alter what it's very dark

and then I will sit and I will just

allow the energy to move through my body

and drain it out or dump it out through

the head just so that it's not clustered

here it doesn't cause any trouble any

you know keep me up at night or cause

the headache or something like that okay

and you may want to make sure you drink

a lot of water before you do something

like this because you using a lot of

energy like my mouth is dry right now

some drinking my water with cement in it

also I write I wrote success on here of

the permanent marker so anything that I

pour off the water I usually just full

water in here because I don't really

drink anything else other than water and

why and coffee but mm-hmm water wine and

coffee I was gonna write a book call it

water wine and coffee I don't know what

the heck that book was gonna be about

but I just always liked that name

anyways so this is a great way to charge

up your water if you just write a word

on here that represents whatever it is

you want to embody or manifest in your

life you write it on your vessel that

you're gonna be holding the water in you

know I have several containers well

written different things on it and you

know it's just soon as the liquid goes

in here it's automatically charged with

that intention okay so so make sure

you're hydrated before you do this

particular exercise and test yourself


don't make sure you're not too tired if

you're too tired then it probably won't

work because you know you're using a lot

of energy to do this and again I just

see a few more people have just joined

so I'm just gonna show you guys what

what happened tonight a bent this fork

this spoon oh that's not old that's the

spooned I've been back in October this

is the spoon that I bent just now on

camera okay so if no one has any

questions that is it for tonight I hope

that this was an interesting video for

you I hope that you learned something


and I hope that you give this a try if

you do try this take pictures of it

and can you post it in the comments

underneath the YouTube can you post

pictures and comments on YouTube I don't

know if you can do that or not but

anyways if you do leave a comment down

and in the below here sorry I'm looping

right now that's my this this is a lot

and let me know how it goes

let me know what you think about this

it's fun and like I said one of my

colleagues cherry Bly