How to make Cutlery hooks

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good afternoon once the craziness of

being this really big mold that's taking

up most of my time I thought I'll spring

this afternoon and just do a quick video

on how to make these hooks out of old

cutlery you see them all over over

Pinterest and just about everywhere but

I haven't been able to find a how-to

video so yeah I'm going to try and do

that today they're really fun to make

and you don't need a lot of complicated

and expensive equipment you've got a

hammer a block of hard wood or a piece

of railway line and you said to go

I've also scratching my toolboxes and

found some old chisels and that little

cone shape is ideal to shape scrolls and

things over so yeah that really came in


and the other thing I found that heating

the the tines of the fork up to redheart

just with a with a gas burner softens

them quite a quite a lot and they're

just a lot easier to manipulate

on this evening one of these gas pulses

runs off her normal LPG gas bottle

okay and now we'll just let that cool

down before we start working on it okay

now the first order of business is to

flatten this whole thing out

now you want to try not to hit on the

tines too much because that will

obviously harden them again I just use

one of these nylon hammers can't you

give these a bit of a push

now let's use this and you can see how

nicely this this works okay

so we've got those two squirrels done

now I just want to do something similar

with the with inside tube as you can see

you don't really have to work too hard

because were they eating really nice and


they're obviously as you as you work

them they do harden up again one has to

be quite careful of the tips because

they do you tend to snap off from time

to time

okay now I'm just going to use two

sticks just to clamp this into the vise

nice and securely

and then I'm just going to use a little

bit of masking tape my name

and then we just need to give it a twist

and just make sure it lines up again



okay and these things happen as well the

the end of the fork snapped off as soon

as I started bending the hook on the end

so I just had to make this into a little

shorty so I'm just going to file that

round and then that will just have to be

a smaller one working with old things

I guess that's bound to happen slightly

bigger files okay now all that remains

to be done on this is to troll the two

little mounting holes in me

okay that's it for today I'm going to

walk up and have a cup of coffee I hope

you enjoyed this video please go out to

Mike a couple of these been quite fun to

tea and they actually make really nice

gift as well and I really find people

appreciate it more if you actually give

them a gift that you spend some time

making yourself please remember to hit

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I will