Making Spoon and Spoon Handle, Silverware Jewelry A Whole New Way by B'sue

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hey did you ever make jewelry out of old

silver-plated flatware a lot of people

do that it's been done for a long time

you can saw it and happen you can use

one part for this and another part for

that it's so fun to get out in the

antiques marketplace and find a box full

of old silverware maybe you have some

grandma's or whatever but the problem

I'm finding with working with that sort

of repurpose material is that it takes a

lot of time to get out your jeweler saw

and saw it apart they suggest for me and

then of course then you need to bend the

handle or manipulate it somehow without

damaging the finish to turn the handle

of a spoon to make a pendant out of a

spoon you need kind of a vise grips I've

noticed I think there are some YouTube

videos there are some tools out there

that people have devised like a jig of

some kind to bend the handle but the

fact is they're quite expensive so it

kind of destroys the economy of using

the repurpose material I still love

doing it in fact I have one right in

front of me I think the last video we

even worked on in a little bit this

really pretty pendant that I made I

don't have a looped handle on it

I just sawed it off down and then filed

it and then I did wire on it and I loved

it and I also have one that I wear to


probably five days on seven I love them

but recently I found a component that

you can use it as a spoon that's made

from brass and it's really quite sturdy

looks like this actually I have them in

raw brass but I've spray-painted this

one white yeah you can cut this with a

metal shears like we carry it these

Keeks calm it's so you can make stuff

out of it so fast and in the raw grass

you could take it and torch patina it if

you want you can spray paint it like I

did you can paint it with acrylics and

go over it with you know a top being

alcoholics whatever you like it would

also be really great to decorate with

the new ice animals anyway before I keep

talking let's start right here

and I'm gonna have you come over this

way and show you what I've done this

morning with this finding you're gonna

love it okay so for this video tool wise

for this project you're going to need a

flush cutters these are the metal shears

from our website there's just none

better they're so easy to use you need

some files I have this great big old fat

Stanley one it's kind of a bad cheapest

it works pretty good and I have a little

one little pedophile I have a chain nose

pliers and you're gonna need something

to turn this around like a bail making

pliers we carry all this stuff at be

super ticks calm and then a simple nail

reliefing black light can get at the

drugstore or the dollar store one of

these if you're going to paint it or

distress it anyway and some e6000 glue

to add the embellishments so this is

basically what I've done as you can see

there this is the one that I was talking

about earlier that's done from a real

piece of old flatware and I've just cut

it off you can see here I cut it right

here drove through it

I've even find it and dated it and then

I embellished it and then I just added

wire at the top because they did the

spiral and stuff and this is lovely I'm

sure someone's probably gonna buy it I

have wine I like for myself if they

don't bother where because I like it but

anyway this is great and this is what

you can do with your silver-plated

flatware but I'm not going to show you

here because I'll tell you what I'm not

a nice with the jeweler's saw I can do

it and I'm not doing it

camera I'm not drilling on cam are you

guys you know you know how to do that

stuff or there's other videos for that

but that's how I do this that sounded

clumsy did anyway let's move on okay

here we go here's what I did was my

finding you recognize this piece my

beautiful pendant and do you recognize

this pendant that I'm about to collage

and make well I made it from this this

was raw brass I simply spray painted it

white and then I distressed it with this

nothing to it I'm going to show you how

here's one I made a couple weeks ago out

of a plated spoon which I have no more

of the plated ones right now but you

know what I always say you're great with

raw because raw brass or unplanted brass

you can make it any color that you want

so don't worry about it cuz you're gonna

do your own thing to it but this is just

kind of handsome how this came out

actually it's a Bering that I simply

glued to that and if a guy wanted to buy

it I'd just take this little girly

dangle off of it then you'd have a cool

team it's all done gold-plated Boxton

anyway okay let me get on with it

before I cut take one that I did not

distress yet which is this I want to cut

this here okay but before I do it

I'm gonna take my reliefing block and

distress this white matte paint spray

paint smell us at once took it outside

we're in Ohio today it's kind of warm

for December it's what is it howdy 4045

something yeah

CSI was just like I'm doing my nails

that's all and it's raising that brass

back up

and I'll go around the edge of the bowl

bring that gold gold and brass back up

don't really want to do much on the back

of it just the front where you wanna

mentation it and then I get my highs and


okay isn't that pretty so pretty now for

the sake of time I'm just going to tell

you I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to

do this project but what you would do is

before you would collage the bowl of

this or mount a stone into this or put

it in you take it outside and you would

spray paint it with matte spray lacquer

clear matte spray lacquer to seal it you

have to do that okay we're not going to

do it on this one for a lack of time but

I would just say that would be the next

step probably now or you could do it

after you cut it that would work too but

I'm going to show you how to cut it very

very simple I take my flush cutters and

I'm just going to kind of Mark it here I

want to cut it let's see I'm gonna cut

it right here right behind this line so

I'm gonna mark it with the cutters I


not too hard you don't want to run your

cutters don't try to cut it with these

they're not strong enough okay and now

I'm going to take these shears I think

they're 14.95 on our website and one of

the best tool investments you're ever

gonna make and I'm gonna go right

through it that's it

no jeweler's saw okay now you have to

file this and of course we know with

good filing you go one way some I'm

using my big old file and get this as

soft as I can

course it doesn't sound too good does it

setting your teeth on edge mine will but

so I'm a pry this up later and did it as

a miserable asana another way that you

can soften an edge like this is with

steel wool you know that fine steel wool

is another way to go but this is kind of

thicker so a file is probably better and

for those of you who have better filing

technique I'm happy for you you can

kindly share it with me if you'd like

I'm all ears

I don't file a lot don't have too much

but that's good enough it's nice and

soft by the way okay

now mainly what you want sometimes

you'll get this little hook here if this

lasers you want to get better off

oh that's amazing oh how can't stop and

that's just a salt assault on viewers

okay just let's just pretend that's

filed okay I can't help myself

Oh CJ okay all right so that's file

let's just say that's file okay so to

make the bail very very simple I need

bail making pliers and I'm gonna take

this with the smaller side here and I'm

gonna get it at the end you see what I'm

doing at the end I'm gonna start turning

it gently it's this oh so easy compared

to real silver-plated flatware oh my

goodness it's can t do it I don't have

this very gently though you don't want

to Mar the finish although you could

always repaint it no biggie

just very gently you want to get it nice

and straight - can you see how nice and

straight I'm getting that okay I'm gonna

come back this way keep moving it now

I'm ready to take that out and I'm gonna

finish it with my chain nose and just

bend it in

you want that bent end as far as you can

get it because of course your chains

gonna go through here and you don't want

it to slip out okay so I got a little

crooked on put it back a little bit

push it down fix it up a little bit more

later I'd like that to be a little bit

more flush but you can see the point and

you can see how simple that was I'm

gonna do it again on this one okay so

this one here I'm gonna go again from

the very end you see and I'm gonna start

wrapping and again we have these bail

making pliers on our website I think you

haven't met a couple of sizes those are

the big ones and that's what you need is

the big ones okay so and you know if you

didn't want your bail to be this big you

could just cut it off

oh hi you know you do it have you like

I'm gonna turn around this way and let

you see what I'm doing

you see it's really so easy take them

off I did mark it a little bit you could

take and put a little more paint in

there if you wanted or if you want to

yeah accent with a little bit of guilt

or space like I did on these that's

that's how I got that pretty soft blue

over top this first it was spray-painted

white my class and then I took some

Gilders paste and I put a drop of paint

thinner on the Gilders paste to make it

more fluid to make like a paint out of

it we've discussed this in other videos

if you want to go back to the Gilders

paste videos everything about how to do

it is there and then I just brush it

over it took 5 minutes to dry I let it

sit for about 20 minutes and then I'm at

spray lacquer with it so that's how I

did that got that on there and I just

love that look it's kind of shabby chic

okay so I'm gonna finish getting this

back all the way as flush as I can and

then I might try and bring this forward

just a little bit cuz I think it looks

better and like I say you mark it up

just take some white Gilders paste and

go over where you marked it up when

you're good to go and that's pretty much

all there is to cutting it and

manipulating it I mean how easy doesn't

get I have them like this one with the

shell shaped spoon I have this style

again these are all I haven't

spray-painted and correct but they're

raw brass to begin with Rob rest this is

Rob brass this what Rob wrestles like

yellow okay they look like this before i

spray-painted you shoulda brought a long

one down again again this is super

simple it comes from doing just to show

you I'm gonna cut it Oh

about the middle I'm not even gonna mark

this one don't need to it's so thin

my finger back a little bit that might

just want just goes way through file it

and turn it and there you go

you got it or if it's too long for you

you know turn it a little bit more off

it's just so simple here's another one

it's got a nice little mount there you

could use this one has a cool map these

are made like the old souvenir type

spoons in fact this one

I even drilled this because when I cut

this off I'm gonna put something here

and then maybe hang a little pearl for

my pendant so out of every spoon you get

two pendants but there's other stuff you

could do with it too you could like cut

it off here and then bend it maybe do

two of them drill them and you could end

up making a bracelet out of it you've

seen stuff done like that why couldn't

you do it you know just cut it off here

drill it here bend it I'd have the tough

you bend it right now see what it looks


yeah we've believe it we've learned how

to bend and manipulate stuff like this

this is not hard for us I'd have to take

something a little stronger and bend

this to end a little bit

I would not Bend this after I put

something in here put something in here

after you bend it or else it might pop

off or cracked I mean there's just so

many ways to go with this stuff it's

ridiculous it's so easy so one last

thing I want to show you oh and this

little one too we have a little one too

in case you want to make little ones you

could flatten this I think in the new

belt are more jewelry there's someone

making jewelry out of the old spoons and

flattening it that takes a lot of

banging to flatten an old spoon you got

to get your your torch out and get it

hot and bang it bang this is simple this

is very very easy to do very simple to

go through this these are I think

they're like a dollar on the website

this piece these are like 295 these are

like 295 so yeah

you can go out and buy the silverware

and it probably a little cheaper than

that maybe

it depends on what you're buying and

it's gonna take you so long to saw

through it and do all this stuff and you

have so many more options with a piece

of raw brass and the colors and all that

kind of stuff although later we will

have them in brass socks and silverware

so you'll have something that's kind of

look like a silver spoon to later or you

can make it silver with silver or

Gilders paste or silver paints whatever

you want to do anyways

let's see what our options are to make

this into a pretty pendant okay now we

could go this we have this evening which

is found in the flower petal section at

the zoo boutique stop huh we could glue

that in there if you like then we have

this nice rose which was raw brass the

number is fi g o 374 2 at biester

boutiques calm and then i spray-painted

that and then I added a little bit of

the patina colored Gilders paste and

then I put a little bead in the middle

to finish it so I could glue that

together and have a really cool flower

power pendant I have a spoon if I want

it another option would be to put this

beautiful little spring here we have a

number of them on this one in the raw

grasses f IG 0 4 1 5 o at these super

cheap so I put that in there and then

like that but then I'd have to take my

little flat backs and put in the little

depressions there but that would be so

great let's see what I do with my

I've showed you how to do this in other

videos too this is and you may have even

better ways you might use a dot stick or

something but just lay that in there

I have the red blue right here you

really should use when setting stones

with foil bats you can get away with

esup thousand and our little ones but in

time they could go doll so the best

thing is hypo tubes in that which is

runny and messy but you will never make

a foil back stumbo bed so we're gluing

the similar materials melts metal use

e6000 for gluing stones in to mounts and

on your jewelry there's times you can

get away with these success especially

if you're doing like pearls and stuff

that's not going to matter little stones

would be pi be okay better to use hypo

tubes in them but this would make such a

pretty pendants don't you think or

here's another option let's take this

ceramic flower and put in there I like

mad that would be F low-60s around a

flower it's about 26 millimeters

something like that you could do that

and that would be beautiful I have some

in the shop made like this another thing

you could do is go with some repurposed

material like we did on the keys the

other week how about that you know

crystal earring very pretty or maybe you

could put the old crystal earrings there

that's really pretty - or you could take

a ceramic floor and put it there that's

pretty this is a beautiful lamp work

check stone this is made by hand like

lampwork beads it is st an 105 and i

think we have 12 or 15 of them left at

the site and i think

another color too but these are gorgeous

that all you do is just go but that's

how simple it is and the rest of it my

darling dears is up to you if you want

to I've got a Bering here chill I need

to chill I had too much coffee again

today I could glue that on there and add

a chain make it into a pendant for a guy

anyhow thank you're just some ideas

today and I just wanted to mention to

you to another way that you can seal

this stuff is say you know you wanted to

cut it in collage and I said oh whoops I

didn't spray paint it you can use this

product to seal it allergy jewelry

shield I used to sometimes as though a

lacquer oh that's our facts someone's

time to fast me sorry guys we took the

chain I used is this its chain oh five

five four oh this is our satin metal

case you want to know and one last thing

I want to tell you I've mentioned this

before these are Susan Leonard Casimir's

ice enamels brushes these go with the

ice enamels that we talked about a few

times I go through these brushes a lot

because they're just perfect to get in

little cracks and stuff and you get like

a whole bunch I've used a bunch out of

this already you get a whole bunch of

them for like 225 or something like that

and it goes along with her ice and

animals line and I'm thinking boy ice

enamels and the goal of this was some

resin over and some pretty things in

there whoo-hoo

that would be some gorgeous stuff so if

some of you are into doing the ice and

the animals why there would be great on

this spray-painted brass but anyway I

hope this gives you some ideas of course

you can translate these ideas the same

to silver you know plated flower that

you found but this is just a time saver

it's low cost

time is money too guys and another

things sometimes that artists don't

think about I have to think about it

though it's tendonitis I get tendinitis

in my right arm so easy

from having to work tools too hard and I

know there's good tool technique and all

that that helps to save your arm and you

want to do that but you know I'm no

spring chicken and I have fibromyalgia

and other muscle issues and I just have

to watch more than most people so teen

dollar shears it's gonna last you a long

time know how long I've had you several

years and I use a lot they're just a

great investment so I hope maybe you

make it over to be su boutiques comm

pick some of this stuff up and go have

some fun because that's what it's about

it's about the fun and come and join us

at be su boutiques creative group at

Facebook and show us what you did I

would love to see what you do with this

material it's all uploaded to the site

if you want to pick up a piece or two to

play with or or me make something out of

an older spoon if that's what you've got

around and you have time to do that show

us some of this too we'd love to see

responsible repurposing this is

definitely responsible repurposed job

nothing in here was harmed that

shouldn't have been harmed so you know

it's never a bad thing to do but we like

to present options so here are your

options for today go play have fun and

share it with me won't you and I'll see

you soon