Part 2, Creating your own custom formed silicone cooling hoses for your car

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hi folks and welcome back to my channel

and in this video we're going to look at

custom-made cooling hoses we all know

the problem when you fit a different

engine in the car a retrofit or whatever

or you modify the radiator that you

really can't fit the original hoses on

to the car because they don't fit so

then you ending up with what we call a

custom-made hose

now this is one that somebody built and

you've seen it in my previous video on

how that was leaking and as you can see

this hose is actually leaking here we go

water sea water comes out on the sides

here so that's not good this is a bad

host and I expected that because so

we'll build a new custom-made hose for

that this was a lousy build with some

tape and a spanner here now I have no

issues with spanner because you'll see I

will use them as well but then inside

there is no proper coupling piece so I

had to toss that away but besides that I

had the problem to find a replacement

hose for this I probably got something

similar that put together but I wanted

to get a silicon-based hose because I

want to take care of my car now what you

see right here that is a silicon-based

hose that I put together and that was

the hose that was on the vehicle before

and it was leaking all over the place

and you see the tape over here so let's

do away with that one this is the new

hose that I put together and you can see

it's been built out of different


that's one segment and there's another

segment and another segment and it's a

bit of a strange curve I had to make and

that's why I couldn't do it in one piece

so I just got a few pieces off and you

can actually see how thick that is right

so this is really a thick piece so this

is about four millimeters and you see

that it's a triple play so you have like

three times these white dots these are

three layers of enforcement and then you

have the silicon around it this is

really strong stuff now at the inside it

is a very very smooth it's a really nice

and cutting it is quite easy cutting

those hoses is a piece of cake all you

need is a good sharp knife a cutter

knife and then it just works like a

champ let me show you once you get in

now watch your fingers just turn it

around there you go that's how easy it

is to cut and if it isn't straight

enough you can actually scrape off

pieces if you really have to but

normally you can do a straight cut so

folks these tips they come in all kind

of dimensions thicknesses for the sides

how many plies you have those that I

have right here I have our three plies

and they have four millimeters thick

sides they're good for ten bar and it

can operate between minus 50 and hundred

and eighty degrees centigrade so that's

good enough for the car for sure you can

order those in oil resistant and acid

resistant variants that's what I did

it's all silicone based as well and you

can have different shapes you know this

one is a 45 degree corner and you can

order them with different lengths of the

legs this is a 90 degree are tube as you

can see and again you can order them

with different lengths of the legs so

that's good now the good thing about

these hoses you can order up full

lengths and your kind of straight you

can bend them a little bit but you

shouldn't bend them too much all by all

this is a very good system and quite

reasonable in price so if you're

interested where I got mine and that's

the only store where I found it then

have a look on the link I'm showing you

here on the video and now I'm not making


Michelle for that store but it's

worthwhile matching it is if you look on

that website you'll see what they have

now the good thing about it is that you

can copy all this together

with those inserts and here I have an

insert right and this insert is very

smooth this particular one is in our

Lumina meone but you can get them also

in stainless steel and if you look very

closely they're very thin so this is the

front of the chip and this is the

thickness as you can see and you see the

three enforcement layers in sight but if

you look inside the tube then you see

this shiny metal piece and that's the

coupler that metal part that sits inside

and you can see how thin that is so they

don't form any obstruction of the flow

of the liquid inside the tube so all

what you need to do is just put that in

and then put the other chip whatever

that side is it doesn't really matter

now like so there we go and it's nicely

put together right so this is the piece

and you can see how thin the edges are

and you can see also the rips that it

has on it to a distance slide back so

all you need to do is slide it in and

it's it's it's a tight fit but it works

you can hear it on the sound right put

it like half way and that's it

make sure that you cut the edges right

that's important and then all you need

to do is tighten it up oh where is it

over here right

tighten it up both sides and now you

have a very solid joint which looks

alright it would be great I think if I

could mold them together but that's not

possible but this is what I've done on

my car and it has worked out quite well

so guys this is what I had to say to you

so folks we're now nearing the end of

this video and you've seen on how we've

built a custom-built

cooling pipe and you've seen the one

that I have on the car I don't have to

show you and how I've put it together

because you can see how you do this with

all the different curves and corners and

and I have and all the pieces that I

still have left it's an easy way to

build your own custom build hosts to

your specs inside they are very smooth

it is an easy flow I know you can buy

these flexible tubes as well but they

have kind of waffles on and you can bend

them in all kind of directions they're

not that smooth inside so they cause

more resistance to the water flow and

that's not what I wanted to have and

these are very good prices guys I mean

really and they deliver very fast as

well so I like this now if you think

that I'm full of it please bail means

let me know and correct me why I'm wrong

because I don't know everything I know a

little bit of things and I know that

this solution works great for me but

maybe there are better options and

better solutions so I'm looking forward

to your comments and recommendations

don't hold back

just shoot at me alright guys so I'll

see you in my next video bye bye