How to Bend PVC Pipe With No Tools

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hey guys Jay here at word of advice TV

and in this video I want to show you 3

ways how to bend PVC pipe without any

specific pipe bending tools to get

yourself a pretty cool little shape like

this you can do anything you want with

these methods so if you're working on a

project and you don't want to go to a

store or you don't have the time to get

some fittings or some elbows and stuff

like that for your PVC pipe you can use

one of these methods to simply bend your

pipe to go around any obstacles that

you're running into so without further

delay let's begin the first method I

want to show you involves using hot sand

this is also my favorite method because

it just tends to work the best the only

downside is that you do need to get some

sand so after you visit your store or

the local beach and get yourself some

sand the next step is to heat that sand

up you can either use the cooktop on

your oven or even use the oven itself

and just put it into bake or you can

just grill it outside I'm using a

skillet here and just my cooktop I know

some people even use a torch to heat the

sand up but after about five minutes or

so the sand should be nice and hot you

can check it with any thermometer I'm

using a meter and a thermocouple here

and the optimal temperature I've found

to be good is about 350 to 400 degrees

that's and that that temperature will

really make the pipe malleable so after

I verified that the sand is nice and hot

I picked my test subject right here I

have a cap on the bottom of it and then

I go ahead and dump the sand into the

pipe using a funnel it also helps to

measure the amount of sand that fits

into the pipe before you heat it up

otherwise you don't know how much to

pour in and if you're wondering no my

wife was not very thrilled about all

that sand on the floor after you have

the sand in there

it only takes it like 20 or 30 seconds

if the sand was hot enough for the pipe

to become like a wet noodle I mean it's

pretty crazy that a solid piece of pipe

becomes a wet noodle like that so

quickly and then you can either hold it

with your hands until it sets or in my

example right here I'm just using a

homemade bending board which is just a

piece of wood with a bunch of screws in


and then I aligned the pipe into the

shape I want and I leave it there until

it cools if you leave the hot sand in

the pipe while it's cooling off it kind

of takes it forever so it helps to dump

the hot sand out of the pipe and then it

only takes it a minute or two to cool


and two minutes later we have ourselves

a nice bent piece of pipe

I call this masterpiece the snake

looking good

the next method to bend PVC pipe is to

use steam in this example I'm using my

polish teakettle which is already full

of boiling water I had it on there for a

couple of minutes so the water is

already boiling and on my teakettle I'm

fortunate enough where the snout is

large enough where I can just stick the

whole pipe in there and just have the

steam build up inside of the pipe I have

a cap on the other end of it and as you

can see it doesn't take very long at all

for this pipe to just go limp but only

that beginning portion of it is melted

or not melted but heat it up enough to

be able to bend and if your opening is

not large enough that snout and the

teakettle or whatever it is that you're

using you could also use a little funnel

to help direct the steam into the pipe

it takes a couple of minutes for the

whole pipe to warm up and I found that

it works best to have a cap on the other

end I tried without a cap with a cap on

it really tight but what works the best

is with the cap on just loosely that way

the whole steam travels through the pipe

and it's kind of seeping out the other

end warming up the whole pipe after that

it takes about 2 or 3 minutes to warm up

and using steam the pipe cools off

really quick so I didn't have a chance

to show you how sneaky it is with this

one so I quickly set it on my board into

the little shape that I wanted and steam

doesn't take very long at all to cool

off it only took maybe thirty Seconds to

a minute to cool off and harden so

here's the finished result

a beautiful slight Bend just an offset

pipe looking very good I called this one

snake jr. and last but not least is the

fun way to bend PVC pipe that's right to

stick it into the exhaust pipe of your

vehicle now the only downside of this is

that you can only use a short piece of

pipe unless you got a large truck that

has a long exhaust pipe then you can

maybe use a longer piece of pipe but on

most cars like my Toyota Camry right

here I could only use a small piece of

pipe and another slight downside is that

you do have to be revving up the car

the whole time while that pipe is

getting heated up but no you don't have

to go beast mode on your car you don't

have to make it pop a vessel while

you're revving it up all it really takes

is about 3,000 rpm you don't have to rev

it up that hard in this example I revved

it up for about four or five minutes I

sped this up by about ten times you can

see the pipe kind of shrinking in there

and after about five minutes I stopped

revving turn off the car and using a

needlenose pliers

took that piece of pipe out

and oh boy was this little guys funky it

was super flexible like a thin rubber

hose look at that it just been super

easy and without having any rocks or

sand in it no if you bend it too much

it'll kink so if you do want to make a

sharp turn like a u-turn with the pipe

you would have to fill it up with some

sand or some pebbles but in my example I

just settled for a 45 degree Bend I left

it there for about three minutes until

it became hard again took the pipe out

and there is the finished result one

side of it mushroomed a little bit from

being inside the exhaust pipe but other

than that it looks nice I call this one

baby snake and I also have an honorable

mention for you I tried using hot water

to bend PVC pipe as well just by capping

one side of the pipe and pouring in hot

water into the other side and I did this

multiple times in a span of five to ten

minutes I poured hot water in I let it

warm up the pipe I dumped that water out

pour it in more boiling water I did that

four times you know hoping that it would

warm up the pipe enough to where I can

bend it and unfortunately even after

giving it ten minutes that pipe would

just barely Bend so I abandoned this one

and another thing I tested is to try to

bend PVC pipe without revving the car up

so I had the car warm up for 10 minutes

before I stuck the pipe in there then I

left the pipe in there for another 10


but without revving the car up the

exhaust fumes are not nearly hard enough

to do anything to the pipe when I took

that pipe back out it was still as solid

as a rock

well guys and that is all I had for you

today I hope you enjoyed this video and

you found it useful if you have any

other ways of how to bend PVC pipe that

I did not mention in this video please

let us know in the comments below thank

you so much for watching this video

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