Pot Metal Repair Demonstration

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hi my name's Lou I'm going to not break

diversify custom cars here on my

Washington and I've been building cars

since the early 1960s a lot of the cars

when we get in have pop metal parts or

steel parts that are very difficult to

get weren't possible to get we pride

ourselves on being able to save those

pieces and we haven't run across to

anything we have been able to safety yet

today we're going to be showing you a

little bit about what the metal spray

process does and how it works

front layer is typically you know with

pop metal pieces if they're pitted

really bad every place that there's one

of those pits you're going to have a

problem with the chrome blister

sometimes you can get the copper to

stick but then you end up doing a lot of

heavy building and so forth to get rid

of the pits like this piece today we're

going to be fixing a piece that is

actually missing about 3/4 of its end

this piece is the way it's supposed to

look now in order to rebuild that front

piece I made a small backup plate no the

metal spray process the metal spray will

not bond to anything that is not

sandblasted completely with what we call

a true white sandblast surface so the

backup piece is not sandblasted at all

at shiny the metal sprayed will not

stick to it but it acts as a backup for

us what this piece will do it will go in

the back will clamp it in place and then

I will start the build with the metal

sprayer until I get enough material that

the actual front of this is back to

where it's supposed to be metal spray is

funny we can spray and then we can grind

immediately after we spray so in the

next process when we take this outside

to be sprayed you'll see me spray a

little bit I'll stop and

and spray and grind until I get the

front edge of that piece exactly where

it's supposed to be this type of a

repair can't really be done by some of

the low temp soldering process as you

could that it would take forever we use

silicon bronze for all of our repairs on

pot metal even if we have to go over the

entire surface to make sure that there

is no pitting and no reaction with the

materials when they go to chrome-plated

silicon bronze seems to be the strongest

material that we've been able to find

that will handle this bob metal is

difficult to work with because it does

have a low melt down the metal spray

goes on at approximately 2400 degrees

but the reason it doesn't melt the hot

metal is it's pushed by 40 cubic feet of

air per minute

so it kind of cools at the same time it

gets applying the material to whatever

we're trying to repair so from this

point once we get this all set we can do

the actual metal spray and it will show

you how that happens and then it's ready

to go the chrome later and they have no

problem working with that silicon bronze

type metal spray so the next thing

you'll see on the videos is the actual

process and it will come back and

explain what we've done and how the

piece looks once it's finished

hi we're back again as you saw outside

murderer flame spraying nests all the

repairs have been done to that piece

that's back as long as it should

it needs some fine-tuning which dawn

here from American plating will do when

he gets it back in there I'll explain a

little bit about do's and don'ts when

you're working with metal spray but

there is enough material here it has a

lot of integrity and the piece is usable

again so Don to tell you a little bit

about what not to do and what to do and

pieces like this why it's important to

try to get some type of surfing on that

is not contaminated and blisters wavy

flame spraying and the reason why is

because contaminate a palpable blister

which you know already and when part

metal is so contaminated that you can't

do nothing with it now this piece was

completely luma - sprayed this whole

thing but this one was just broke and we

have a good quality pop metal or diecast

zinc and so the trick to it is not

getting it hot so anytime you're working

with diecast and flame spray you want to

use your bare hands when you're grinding

with your little poop type - this 2 inch

disc that I'll use on this one and I'll

start out with an 80 grit and sand it

down with a DA afterwards - like a 220

and then I'll go to copper copper buff

and then nickel chrome this piece will

look exactly like this one by the time

we get done and that's pretty much what

what the metal spray will save we've

saved a lot of pieces that people have

have said we're either non-existent or

so rare that they were just out of the

price range that a guide to the poured

so if you have any questions about metal

spray of what can be sprayed you can

either email us at custom guy at or you can give us a call at

three six zero three five seven nine six


and we'll hook you up with what can be

done but can't be done and also one hell

would get the chrome plate right

anything's possible