Making a curvy balance board - Daddy Project

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hey there guys welcome back today I'm

going to be doing a Daddy project for my

daughter and it's going to be building a

Kirby board if you don't know what a

Kirby board is don't worry I didn't

until a few days ago when my wife showed

me but apparently it's a curved piece of

wood that a small child can kind of

balance on and play on and just kind of

mess with to help develop motor skills

and functions and things of that sort

so anyway what I'm going to try to do is

use some really cheap grade plywood that

I got from Home Depot this is eighth

inch thick and it's been cut down for me

but it was four foot by eight foot and

laminate all the pieces of plywood

together around the form to make a board

hopefully that's going to stay in a

curved shape so anyway give me a few

minutes I'll see what I get can get

turned out and hopefully my daughter is

going to like it the first step in this

project is going to be building a curved

form in which to mold my pieces around

I'm using extra plywood I had for my

daughter's bed project and just some

other scraps that I had on hand

once I got my curved shape figured out

now I'm just adding some two by fours

and two by three scraps to give me

something to press the wood into as it's

being glued and as a glues dry

now that the mold is finished now I'm

just cutting the remaining plywood down

into the final strips that I'm wanting

these are about 11 or so inches wide in

about 32 to 33 inches long

and this is me just screwing around

given this mold a week test


to laminate the boards together I'm

using a large blue container and a

plastic putty knife as a squeegee this

definitely took quite a bit more time

than I thought and I was a little bit

concerned about the glue drying up but

as long as you work fast it seems to

work pretty well to hold the pieces

together I'm using standard bar clamps

and then ratchet straps in the middle to

help smooth everything out you'll notice

a lot of glue is going to leak out once

I start clamping these ratchet straps

down for the sides I'm just using

regular spring clamps just to make sure

I don't have any open gaps

okay now the collapse are off let me

show you what I'm working with and what

I'm going to do in the next phase I'm

going to add two more laminations to

this but this is what it looks like with

just the three strips of plywood molded

on the form the one mistake I've made is

I let glue get on the outside and inside

of this and in my effort to clean up the

glue I kind of messed up the inside and

outside a little bit so basically what

I'm going to do is the next two

lamination is I'm going to put one on

the inside and one on the outside and do

my best to keep them clean so that

hopefully the final product will look a

little bit nicer so let me get this

glued up and then we'll see kind of what

it's going to look like at the end

once the sides were cut and the corners

were trimmed it was now time to just

sand everything nice and smooth

with quite a bit of emphasis put on all

of the corners and edges and to get some

accent to the board I'm using a very

light staying mixture down the middle of

the inside in the middle of the backside

to give the illusion that the board is

actually through pieces of wood

laminated together

and the final coats going to be a little

bit of darkened or vars raw linseed oil

and beeswax polish

you're Peter really wide okay now go

mommy okay do it back there's Martin see

if you can turn your putter back very


okay ready what ready

how you rock nice can you stand on it oh

well I'm gonna wanna break next day I

hurt my going different places tell ya

little baby rock rock that's not fun

just so you can see that oh thank you