How to bend Plastic

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in a prior video we showed you how to

build this plastic strip heater now we

will demonstrate how to use it

this heat bender will allow you to

easily bend plastic up to 1/4 inch thick

thicker plastic is difficult because the

surfaces can deform before the heat

reaches the center to get hot enough to

bend however with some practice even

thicker material can be bent with this

bender cheap plastic usually comes with

a protective masking such as you see

here if the masking is paper it must be

removed before applying heat for bending

if the masking is plastic it can be left

in place during the heating unless you

are making a you Bend like this in which

case the inside masking must be removed

first with that introduction here is the

bending process place your piece of

plastic on the heat bender once the

plastic is in place do not leave the

area unattended the plastic can be

quickly ruined if it is left too long as

the plastic heats you will see it begin

to bend at the center by itself as it

softens further it will relax and lie

flat at this point you can begin to test

for flexibility if the piece is still

stiff do not force it this will place

undue stress on the material notice we

always Bend away from the side that is

heated when the piece finally feels

flexible remove it from the heater and

bend it to the shape you desire for

right angles you can use a jig and

clamps to hold it in place as it cools

the whole process only takes a few

minutes so watch it closely for one

quarter inch and thicker material the

piece can also be flipped to heat more

evenly just make sure you are heating

the exact same place every time you flip

the piece this can be done by making a

small mark on the edge where the bend is

to be placed once you have mastered this

technique you will discover endless uses

for plastic from the fantastic plastic


we also have two professional grade heat

benders available these come fully

assembled and you have the choice of

either 48

or 24 inches in length

they come ready to be plugged in it is

sometimes desirable to reduce the heat

when bending very thin or very thick

materials so for these two benders we

offer a power controller which allows

you to carefully control the heat output

whichever model you choose you will soon

be enjoying professional results with

your plastic bending projects