Heat Source to Bend Plastic.

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I needed to bend some plastic as you can

see the contour there that I needed was

raked back instead of forward this is

the cover to a humidifier and it worked

out great for the positioning except for

fake problem so I couldn't interlock it

and then put it down so I'm going to

hook it and put it down but in order to

do that I have to bend these tabs this

is thermal plastic so all I need to do

is heat it up and then I can bend it

without breaking up but that was the

problem I didn't have anything to heat

it up with so I rigged up my soldering

iron Electric soldering iron with just a

piece of 14 gauge copper household wire

trying to keep the length as short as I

could that raises the temperature and so

I will just I've got it wired on right

now so it's good and hot and I will just

try and do my bends I've got one left to

do but since I couldn't find any

solutions on YouTube I thought I would

do this video too to show my solution

and hopefully help anyone else who's

looking for a solution on YouTube

so they're there with me it's not super




I always tell when you're touching the

material it smokes


actually got two bands to do right there






I'll do for the first gun I've just got

the inner bend to do and then that'll be

good to go I think



I've tried other wire gauges but

14-gauge seem to work the best

at least for this application


right here


there's all other people

using a toaster oven to soften the

plastic but my cover here wouldn't fit

in the toaster oven and it was he it

would have heated up too large an area

with this unit I can heat up basically

just where I want to heat up and it

gives me the control I need a little bit

more getting close be nice that the heat

output was just a little bit higher but

at least it'll get the job done



see try bending it when the materials

not quite hot enough you end up cracking

or breaking the material and then you've

got a week a week Bend

I'm trying to take my time there we go

still a little bit

a little bit of a challenge getting on

Bendrick where you want it



using the fulton players is a lot

gentler on the hands plastics good and

hot one year at the time that's rated a

bend that's ready to burn do looks like

a uniform and then it's already

basically solidified in position looks

alright i've got the switch wired so I

got it so that I can unplayed it very

handily just so so I don't have to worry

about trying to quickly

unwire a switch now to show you what the

wire looks like I just bent it as you

can see it attaches with two nuts that

have been drilled out with the the wire

passes through the nut and makes a 90

degree to protrude out of a side hole so

when you tighten the nut that makes a

good tight electrical connection my gun

is good and hot I've exceeded its uh

it's rated for a duty cycle of one

minute on and four minutes off well I

think I've reversed that so I haven't

been nice to it but it holds up and gets

the job done so that's my simple

solution for getting a heat source so I

can bend the thermocouple I hope I've

been some help to you have a good day