How To Bend PVC & Make Incredible Shapes #Hack

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so I'm working on a project where I need

to bend PVC pipes and after some trials

and errors I found a way to turn this

into this and I wanted to share it with

you guys because I thought it was really

useful so this is what happened when I

tried to bend this just by using a heat

gun I got a kink in here and I think

that's because of the outside was hot

but the inside was cold so I needed to

figure out a way to heat this pipe from

the inside out ducted on the end makes a

nice block and then I measured out how

much sand

I needed to heat up and I used regular

sand I had on hand and heated up in a

pot until it was pretty hot


let me fill the pipe almost at the top

really where there - English empty space

something like that and tape - out I

found that a thicker pipe will obviously

take longer to heat up and it's also a

little harder to bend here I'm using a

shaping jig which is basically just a

board with some dowels attached to it

but you can use anything and I'm getting

a slight curve however when I filled a

small pipe with sand it's really

malleable and you can get all sorts of

crazy shapes

imagine what a cool lamb face that would

be a medium-sized pipe is somewhere in

the middle is it you an applet you just

don't want to go too fast or else you

might get a slight kink once I held the

shape for a little while I poured out

the sand

and there you go

so obviously the thicker the pipe is the

less of a bend you're gonna get where

you go with like that the really thin

stuff you can get some really crazy

shapes so now I'm thinking about all

sorts of projects where I want to

integrate this because it's such a

flexible material anyway I thought this

was pretty cool to share because it's a

pretty useful tip but if you have some

way of accomplishing the same thing I

would love to hear about it in the

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