How to bend a Pinewood derby axle

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all right how to bend an axle without a

bending tool it need a journal or

something a drill press you got to kind

of drill them to the axle where you want

it to bend make sure you wear eye


okay you got your groove where you want

to bend best way to mark out is to put

it through the wheel market where it

comes out the wheel all right if you get

your bin groove I try to do this you can

see it

I need a extra set of hands around here

once you do that I'll show you what I

got here

sorry trying to do this looking through

the camera vise you know what this is

get get a Ravel one order B works

whatever the straightener it works as an

aqua vice and they'll just mount your

your axle in to where the bend groove

you just cut is just over the top plane

of that and then using a flat blade

screwdriver and the hammer put the flat

blade part of it in the in your bin and

groove and so you get the Ben Jewel and

that's it that's how you've been denied

without a bending tool derby down for

hire calm