How To Bend Plastic Glasses Frames

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alright here's how to bend and reshape

plastic glasses so these are my brand

new prescription $39 comm glasses and

the arms are too short for my fat head

and you can see this one's kind of bent

too out of the box I think they gave me

too small of a case for it so what you

want to do is get some water that's hot

like a nice warm bath but not hot enough

to burn you and then soak the part of

the glasses that you want to bend in my

case I'm going to do the arms and just

soak it in there for 30 seconds alright

so a time lapse did for 30 seconds and

you just you want to be sure you don't

be a super hot boiling water because you

don't want to melt the plastic you just

want to heat it up and get it ready to

bend and then you just take it and

slowly bend it don't go yanking on it

and trying to bend it too fast but just

kind of convince it slowly to take the

new shape

and there you go you can see the

difference between this one and this one

so you just continue in that manner I'm

going to heat it up again and and bend

it a little more just to make sure that

it's it comes out nice and smooth but

that's all there is to it the same thing

with the frame if you want to change it

you want to be careful that you don't

miss the lye on the lenses and then

close yourself eye damage when you do

that you know keeps giving parallel to

your face with the prescription but

that's all there is to it just a little

bit of hot water not boiling but hot

bathwater and just gentle bending no

yanking and that's it all right as you

can see you afterwards I've straightened

them out took the took the bend out of

it even twisted them a little bit this

way because they've gotten twisted in

shipping so now they are perfect go


but seriously perfect fit now you can

see that I straightened them out

everything's smooth and it looks good so

just a little hot water not hot enough

to burn you and mend it real slow

you can also twist I had to twist them a

little bit heated it up and then twisted

it in the middle and now it is a perfect

fit oh yeah