HOW TO ADJUST PLASTIC GLASSES | How to Adjust Glasses at Home

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hey guys it's Thomas in today's video

we're gonna learn how to adjust your

plastic frames stay tuned


having worked in customer service for

the past six years I've come across many

customers who needed advice on adjusting

their plastic frames in order to find

that perfect fit we always recommend

before adjusting your frame that you

remove the lenses from the frame the way

you want to do this is to pop the lenses

from inside out you're going to pop it

through with your thumbs using enough

pressure on the top corner of the lens

the lens should simply come out now once

you have both lenses out we recommend

that you put both lenses on a microfiber

cleaning cloth such as the one that we

provide with each order this will ensure

that no scratches occur while you have

the lenses out of the frame in order to

make adjustments to the frame you'll

need to have a heat source I always

recommend a blow-dryer but you can also

run the frame under hot water as well if

you find that your frame does not sit

straight and one arm happens to sit

higher than the other you're going to

want to make an adjustment at the nose

bridge the first step is to heat up the

frame at the nose bridge we're going to

point the blow dryer at the nose bridge

for approximately 10 seconds

once the frame is heated and the plastic

is a bit more pliable you're going to

want to twist at the nose bridge in the

direction that will appropriately align

the frame once completed you'll see that

the frame now sits perfectly one arm is

no longer above the other now if you

find that the arms or the temples are a

bit splayed and you'd like to bring them

in the adjustment we're going to make is

at the corner of the frame the first

step is to apply heat to the corner

again we're going to do this for about

ten seconds

once heated we're going to apply

pressure to the corner of the frame

ensuring that we press inward once

complete with one side you'll move to

the next now if you find that the

glasses slide down your nose we're going

to make an adjustment toward the end of

the temple or the arm piece right where

it curves once again we're going to use

a blow dryer what you want to do is

point the heat at the bend on the temple

of the frame once the ten seconds is up

you're going to want to use some force

and create a more dramatic Bend at the

end of the temple once you've completed

one temple you're going to ensure that

you do the other just so that the frame

is perfectly aligned once all

adjustments are made you're going to

place the lenses back into the frame in

order to do so you just take the lens

and from the front side you're going to

place it in the correct position from

there you just use some force and the

lenses will snap right back in you want

to ensure that you do that for both

sides now if the frames that you

purchased are too big or too small and

they simply don't fit we recommend that

you find a frame using our virtual Tryon

feature this feature can be found on our

website by clicking any one of our

frames thanks for watching don't forget

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