How to Adjust Plastic Sunglass Frames that are too tight or loose - Oakley Holbrook's

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hey what's going on guys in this video

I'm going to be talking about how to

stretch plastic frames out in my

particular case I have a pretty big head

I guess and these are really tight right

around this area and it really hurts to

have these on any longer than more like

any longer than like 10 20 seconds I

just start to get kind of a little

headache so starting out what I'm gonna

do I'm gonna make a reference point so

I'm gonna mark where they're at now and

then later where they're at to see if

we've made any progress let's put some

marks right there


okay now I'm just gonna hold this down

and Mark from reference where they're at

just as we can have something to work

off of it's not gonna be perfect it's

not professional but does it work

but does it work

yes okay now that we have our reference

point what I'm going to do is I'm going

to take out the lenses so I don't

destroy those there's a direction these

guys like to come out so you just want

to get your two thumbs and push until

they start moving okay wants to come out

right there okay so it's on the inside

of the glasses and I'm just pushing both

thumbs and those came out pretty easily

set those aside now we just have the

frames we're working with and I'm gonna

take a hairdryer to this and I've seen a

lot of videos on this which says hold

the hold a hairdryer on the highest heat

for 30 seconds no I tried boiling water

for a minute I submerged these entire

things for a minute it did not work the

only thing that has worked for me is a

hairdryer for at least over a minute so

I'm gonna put a timer on so we can see

how long we're holding this and I'm

gonna bend it as I'm holding hairdryer

on it all right let's do it

actually before we get started you need

a cool something to cool it down with

too so I just have this it's a large

cooling pad or whatever the hell you

want to call it

ace reusable cold compress whatever you

have or you can stick it in the freezer

whatever you want to do I'm gonna use

this little set it over here so let's go

ahead and put the timer on

and I got this on the highest setting

okay that's about minute and forty-three

seconds let's see what we can do now I'm

actually going to put the cold compress

on right now so I think it's already

taking shape so I'm gonna put it on the

cold compress so this just teaches it to

hold its shape okay

now let's see what happened let's go

back to our trusty outline and yes they

did change so this let's line this up


so now this isn't a lot but this is

probably all I need I'm gonna try these

on real quick yeah that's all I need

this feels a lot better

so if you need any more I mean it's the

same it's the same principle so if you

need to do it anymore

widen it anymore or you know tighten

them anymore if they're too loose it's

the same principle you just do the

opposite thing and then make sure to

hold it under the something cold it

could be a bag of ice you could just

stick them in the fridge for a little

bit or the freezer and that's all you

need to do and now I'm gonna put the

frames back in or I'm gonna put the

lenses back in so it's a complete

opposite of what you just did you're

gonna want to put

smudge up my lens is doing this book

whatever its gonna put this in first so

now this sides already in under on the

right side he's just kind of slide in I

was really worried I was gonna break

these at first but they're really

durable and then just push in just like

you did before with your two thumbs

you'll hear him snap in and you can feel

the groove when they when they get into

place let's do the second one outside

first two thumbs pops in that's it now

that all up because I got my

thumbs my dirty ass thumbs all over him

but that is it that is how you

manipulate classic frames